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Linux users and Linux promotion in the Australian Media (all med

Linux users and Linux promotion in the Australian Media (all media)

With great interest I'm reading the happenings about promotion and exhibitions of the Open Source Software on the internet, and in several Linux orientated magazines about the "Oscons",

Whatever the tremendous efforts from all participants here in Australia,and participants outside the Pacific region, what I would like to see happening here is that this Linux Conference in New Zealand, it should reported by the
Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and in particular at the program "The 7.30 report".

As long the ABC and other media keep ignoring the Open Source Software existence, and therefore its users, and all the creative groups and individuals who write a tremendous range of a variety of programs worldwide, if it is not being reported in the mainstream media here in Australia you won't get much further, by informing the wider community, outside the local Linux User Groups, and their friends and relatives.

That raises the next question, I have no doubt that Linux Australia and other Linux User Groups do a exellent job, however what about lobbying the board of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, asking them for support by reporting AND broadcasting the 2010
in "The 7.30 report", after all this is an important event for Open Source Software users and programmers worldwide.

Or can't we bother at all?
(No time, to much effort, done that before, etc,etc)
Ed Scholl.


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