Software Freedom Day 2009

Sep 19 2009 11:00
Sep 19 2009 16:00
2nd Floor, Chadstone Place, Chadstone Shopping Centre

Software dreedom day posterThank you Thank you Thank you to all the volunteers who helped make Software Freedom Day 2009 such a great day! And a very big thank you to the Victorian Government for supporting us once again and making it possible to give away thousands of CDs and DVDs to the public!

If you got a CD or DVD and would like to know more about using Free and Open Source Software then come along to our Workshops in The Hub @ Docklands! See for more details of where and when!

Software Freedom Day (SFD) is a global celebration of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) and the community behind it. More than 500 teams in 150 different countries are organising events for their local communities. Every year since 2004, members of Linux Users of Victoria have taken to the streets of Melbourne and handed out CDs filled with great Free and Open Source Software.

This year LUV is hosting a series of talks at the Melbourne PC club rooms at Chadstone Shopping Centre. There will also be demonstrations, presentations and free balloons for the kids! And of course, lots of free software to take away. We'll have Fedora and Ubuntu LiveCDs, OpenDisc DVDs for Windows machines and OpenSourceMac CDs to give away.


Map: Software Freedom Day at Chadstone Shopping Centre

Melbourne PC User Group
2nd Floor, Chadstone Place
Chadstone Shopping Centre

Saturday 19 September
11am - 4pm

Software Freedom Day in Melbourne
is proudly supported by the
Victorian Government

SFD2009 in Melbounre Proudly Sponsored by the Victorian Government

Help us spread the word by downloading a PDF of A6 flyers to print and hand out to family, friends and colleagues!

 SFD2009 - A6 Flyer

a6fliers.pdf84.48 KB


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s/w f'dom day: publicity, location

I heard about the Chadstone day via your beautiful "postcard" flyer - which I saw for 30 seconds at another house, but forgot to pick up.

I am an open-source user and advocate. Why aren't I down at Chadstone?


I'm not there because it is only now (1:30pm Saturday) that I discover you had an interesting programme of talks.

The postcard has no hint of how much organisation is behind the event, or what audiences you cater to. Unless you tell me otherwise, I presume the minimum. That postcard has to spark the interest of your viewer - sufficient for them to check the details.

Next year, I'd hope your card has (as well as this years excellent graphics and production) a reference to there being a programme of scheduled talks available at the website.


Chadstone is a car ghetto.

Shopping centres may be good for locals, but they are a turn-off to anyone from another part of town.

It's worth mentioning Hughesdale station (may be a 10 min walk, by the map), but a good location is cycle friendly.


I hope today has been as successful and enjoyable as you could have hoped. I hope that next year is even better!



Hi there,

Can you please let us know when the various presentations will be running. I am quite keen to hear the wordpress talk.

Cheers, Glen

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