Beginners Workshop

Aug 21 2010 12:00
Aug 21 2010 16:00

Green Room, Multicultural Hub, 506 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne (opposite the Queen Victoria Market)

Iit's time again for the LUV Beginners Workshop. Come along on August 21.

We intend to cover things like:

  • How should you partition your machine? Should you use LVM?
  • installing various linux distributions;
  • tweaking and configuring your system;
  • automatic backups;
  • home networking, including wireless;
  • setting up specific applications;
  • using specific applications;
  • the Linux problem you're having

VENUE CHANGE: The Hub @ Docklands is going to be used as a polling station in the federal election. This means we won't be able to use it for the beginner's workshop.

We will instead be in the Green Room at the MultiCultural Hub.
Address: 506 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne (opposite the Queen Victoria Market)
Melway reference: 2B C12


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The next workshop

Hi Linux Users,

Its a really really big chance that i missed when i missed out on Open Software Day at State library in Victoria. Is there any way I can get some of the disks from that day and some stickers. I saw the video on Youtube, it was awesome.
Please keep me posted with everything.

Also when is the next workshop.

I would love to learn about programming in unix for linux. Correct me if i am wrong. I am looking for a society where I can learn more about it. A place where i can learn because Linux has always been my passion but i never got the right opportunity but today here i am . :)

Re: The next workshop - by futuristicme0

Hi futuristicme0,

The next beginner's workshop is on Sat 16th of October at The Hub @ Docklands 17 waterview walk 12:00noon until 4:00pm
Assisted access... We will have disks etc there!

If you have not already done so, please sign up to the luv-announce mailing list to keep yourself up-to-date with events. It's low volume.

Also you might luv-beginners very helpful.

The mailing list interface is here:

All the very best,

Lev Lafayette

Federal Election.

DOCKLANDS The Hub @ Docklands
17 waterview walk 8am - 6pm Assisted access

Is listed on the aec website as a polling place for the federal election on the 21st of August..

Cheap, Fast and Good. Pick any two

Regarding Beginner's workshop.

Hi there,

I would love to come to your workshop, the only problem is it is on weekday:(, Do you have the same workshop over weekend?

Please advise.

Thank you,
Ameya Agashe

Re: Regarding Beginner's workshop

Hi Ameya,

The 21st of August is a saturday - not a weekday.

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