Beginner's Workshop

Oct 16 2010 12:00
Oct 16 2010 16:00

Cinema Room, The Hub @ Docklands, cnr Bourke St and Harbour Esplanade, Docklands

Iit's time again for the LUV Beginner's Workshop. Come along on October 16. Talk: "What Is Programming?" by Jiri Baum

We intend to cover things like:

  • How should you partition your machine? Should you use LVM?
  • installing various linux distributions;
  • tweaking and configuring your system;
  • automatic backups;
  • home networking, including wireless;
  • setting up specific applications;
  • using specific applications;
  • the Linux problem you're having

In addition, Jiri Baum will be giving a beginner's presentation on "What Is Programming?"

The Hub @ Docklands, 17 Waterview Walk, Docklands (near the corner of Bourke Street and Harbour Esplanade - look for the giant rabbit sculpture)
Melway reference: 2E H7

Parking can be found nearby. Coffee and breakfast are available just across the road. Wireless internet access is provided.

For those coming via Public Transport, the City Circle, number 48 (North Balwyn - Docklands) number 86 (Bundoora - Docklands) and number 70 (Wattle Park - Docklands) all stop on the corner of Bourke Street and Harbour Esplanade. Southern Cross Station is just across the overpass over Wurundjeri Road.


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Wireless Broadband on 3, Full screen resolution using VirtualBox

I am interested in attending the next Saturday session. I was wondering if you need to submit a question or two before the session so that some scope can be prepared?
I would like to know how to install my mobile broadband USB ("3") on my notebook running Ubuntu/Virtualbox OSE-with guest additions to be used with either ubuntu or Virtualbox/Windows Vista. also on the same config machine being able to utilise my 22" monitor using virtualbox/guest additions since I can only get the same size screen as my notebook (15.4") on my 22" monitor?
Lastly I have heard that with linux you don't need to have any anti-virus/malware software installed since linux is secured due to access to the user having to give access to the root each time by password? Is this practically true? or what anti-virus/malware would be recommended?
Thank you for your time. Cheers Peter

Wireless Broadband on 3, Full screen resolution using VirtualBox

I guess if you want to discuss questions beforehand, the luv-beginners list would be the best place to do it - as you can see, the website forums are not very active (and we the moderators are not very quick at approving posts).

The mobile broadband depends on the particular broadband USB you have - for most of them, it's very easy, but a couple of them simply don't have drivers - the manufacturers don't care - and those can be either more difficult or impossible. If you bring it to the workshop, we can quickly find out which one is the case.

With 22" monitor, that's a bit harder to bring to the workshop, but we can at least show you where to look for the configuration tool and how to work with it.

As for anti-virus / malware, it's indeed true that in practice, nothing is needed. Generally, Linux only has anti-virus / malware software for situations when it's acting as a server for MS Windows computers, and it needs to scan e-mails before delivering them or scan files on shared drives.

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