February Beginner's Workshop

Feb 19 2011 12:00
Feb 19 2011 16:00

Cinema Room, The Hub @ Docklands, cnr Bourke St and Harbour Esplanade, Docklands

It's time again for the LUV Beginner's Workshop and OLPC Corner. Come along on 19th of February. Talk: "Virtualisation for Beginners" by Daniel Jitnah

We intend to cover things like:

  • How should you partition your machine? Should you use LVM?
  • installing various linux distributions;
  • tweaking and configuring your system;
  • automatic backups;
  • home networking, including wireless;
  • setting up specific applications;
  • using specific applications;
  • the Linux problem you're having

In addition, Daniel Jitnah will be giving an introduction to Virtualisation.

I will have a brief look at what virtualisation means, both from a technological point of view and from a "buzz word" point of view. There are different usages of the term "virtualisation" in IT. From a technological view, though, in this talk I will adopt the more common usage referring to hosting a Operating System on another one, eg: Windows on Linux.

I will also present options for virtualisation on Linux systems, and discuss features of some systems. I will also demonstrate how to set up a virtual machine, using either VirtualBox or KVM (or QEMU).

Daniel is an Independent Developer and Consultant in Linux and Open Source System. He has been using Linux for over 10yrs, starting with an old version of Slackware, and then moving to RedHat 5.1 - From then on he never looked back. He also claims to having never used Windows or Microsoft software as his primary Operating System. Prior to using Linux, he was using OS/2 and before that he used plain DOS, IBM branded and DR-DOS. His first computer was a Commodore 128 system!! - Unfortunately - he also had a dab of bad SCO Xenix at some stage in his life :( !!

LUV would like to acknowledge BENK Open Systems for their help in obtaining The Hub venue and VPAC for hosting!


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Hello Tony

Hello Tony

Apologies for not following up how you went with the Ubuntu Install on 19 Feb. As you may have noticed, I was scheduled to give a talk and got caught up with it.

How ever I would like to encourage you to come again on March 19 same time and I spend some time resolving any problem you may have and answer to any question you may have, as I will have more free time on the day.

Furthermore, I hope there will be other members available to help. We had an unusual series of personal circumstances which made it impossible for many Members to be present at the last workshop. Hopefully it wont happen again.


Re: Hello Tony - by danyj

No problems dany. Will try to get there soon. I have a clash on the 3rd Saturday.

Hello Tony

Hi Tony.

it depends which particular Linux version you want. Usually someone will have Ubuntu, Fedora or perhaps another one there.

If you want a particular one, just let me know and I see if I can get it.

Alternatively you can get it on latest Linux mags CDs at your news agent or recent APC mags (perhaps at a council library near you).


Install Linux OS

Hi ,
Can someone help me install Linux on my new laptop?
Do i need to bring the OS with me or will someone have it there?
Thanks, Tony

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