August Main Meeting. CMS Double : The Drupal Association, and Typo3

Aug 7 2012 19:00
Aug 7 2012 21:00

The Buzzard Lecture Theatre. Evan Burge Building, Trinity College, Melbourne University Main Campus, Parkville.

* Donna Benjamin, Infiltration Day 853: Drupal Association Board. Confessions of a not-so-secret double agent
* Simon Dawes, TYPO3 Content Management System

The Drupal Association

The Drupal Association has been through some major changes in its governance and staffing in the last few years. It recently ran its first general election for "Directors At Large" and since 2010 has increased the number of employees by 900%. It moved its headquarters from Belgium to the USA and now manages a budget of around 3 million US dollars in annual revenue.

Where the hell does all that money go? And who are these people taking "your" money? Donna Benjamin was curious enough to be part of this to put her name in the hat for nomination last year. She successfully infiltrated the board in February.

You can think of her as your mole in the hole. With over 10 years experience in the non-profit sector, Donna knows a thing or two about what makes successful organisations tick. Diving into the inner workings of the Drupal Association, Donna dares to share some of the things she discovered in the deep end.

Donna is the current Public Officer, and former President of Linux Users of Victoria.


TYPO3 is a PHP-based enterprise content management system with a huge community especially in Europe and USA. In this introductory talk, Simon gives an inside look at this open source project and how it is organized. He also talks about his experience and the efforts and achievements of the TYPO3 community here in Australia and presents some of TYPO3's key features which make this CMS one he loves to work with.

Simon studied Scientific Photography and managed a professional film laboratory when film was still king! He then worked as the technical lead and programmer for almost 15 years before he founded Cerebrum - a small but talented web development company in Melbourne. Simon and Cerebrum have a particular passion for open source software and have been working with TYPO3 for over 7 years. Simon is a certified TYPO3 Integrator and has never missed a TYPO3 user group meeting in Melbourne (except once when he was really sick).

The Buzzard Lecture Theatre, Evan Burge Building, Trinity College Main Campus Parkville Melways Map: 2B C5

Notes: Trinity College's Main Campus is located off Royal Parade. The Evan Burge Building is located near the Tennis Courts. See our Map of Trinity College. Additional maps of Trinity and the surrounding area (including its relation to the city) can be found at

Parking can be found along or near Royal Parade, Grattan Street, Swanston Street and College Crescent. Parking within Trinity College is unfortunately only available to staff.

For those coming via Public Transport, the number 19 tram (North Coburg - City) passes by the main entrance of Trinity College (Get off at Morrah St, Stop 12). This tram departs from the Elizabeth Street tram terminus (Flinders Street end) and goes past Melbourne Central Timetables can be found on-line at:

Before and/or after each meeting those who are interested are welcome to join other members for dinner. We are open to suggestions for a good place to eat near our venue. Maria's on Peel Street in North Melbourne is currently the most popular place to eat after meetings.

LUV would like to acknowledge Red Hat for their help in obtaining the Buzzard Lecture Theatre venue and VPAC for hosting!


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