Software Freedom Day 2012

Sep 15 2012 10:00

110 Grey Street, East Melbourne

Linux Users of Victoria and Free Software Melbourne is hosting Software Freedom Day in Melbourne!

At a conference dedicated to the theme of free software in a free society, confirmed speakers include Jon Lawrence of Electronic Frontiers Australia, Chris Samuel of the Victorian Life Sciences Initiative, Alec Clews of the Melbourne Raspberry Jam, Andy Gleme of the Connected Community HackerSpace, Daniel Jitnah of GreenwareIT, and Lev Lafayette of Linux Users of Victoria.

Presentations will cover the recent Internet surveillance laws, the importance of free software in scientific computing, new embedded technologies and micro-computers, free software and 3D printers, free software in education, and the business of free software.

Software Freedom Day will be opened by Dr. Alison Parkes, senior lecturer in business information systems at the University of Melbourne, and Greens candidate for Lord Mayor of Melbourne. A presentation will also be given by Belgian social theorist Michel Bauwens.

Free Software Melbourne will be hosting a games area, the One Laptop per Child project will be present, as will the Raspberry Jam group. There will be plenty of free software available, as well as copies of the OpenDisc.

Software Freedom Day will come with a free lunch (with open sauce!).

Software Freedom Day will be held at the Melbourne Unitarian Church hall (110 Grey Street, East Melbourne). It's about 5 minutes from Jolimont Station, or a brisk 10 minute walk from Parliament station. There's plenty of parking at the site as well!

Free software has changed the world! Twenty years ago, free software advocates took on the multi-billion proprietary operating systems in the server, supercomputer, and mainframe world - and we won. Ten years ago, we took on the big online encyclopaedias with a free alternative - and we won. Now we're taking on producers themselves with three-dimensional printers. We'll win that as well.

Come celebrate software freedom!

For more information contact Deb Henry on 0409338182

LUV would like to acknowledge Red Hat for their help in obtaining the Buzzard Lecture Theatre venue and VPAC for hosting!


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Thanks for the kind offer Chris; we don't have anything specific, having managed to farm out all the necessary tasks, but do come along and enjoy the day! We may very well need a hand tidying up at the end of proceedings however.


Any volunteers needed?

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