November Beginner's Workshop eLiveLearn

Nov 17 2012 12:30
Nov 17 2012 17:00

VPAC Training Room, 110 Victoria Street, Carlton South

Daniel Jitnah's Abstract: eLiveLearn is a (very) long term pet project of mine! eLiveLearn is FOSS (php/linux/apache) based system designed to be a complete on learning environment. Unlike many other online learning systems (Learning Management Systems) such as Moodle, Whiteboard etc which are content management systems (CMS) with added learning support features, eLiveLearn was design designed from start to fully support the complete Learning-Assessment-Reporting process in a fully integrated system. Educators can create online lessons and assessment tasks, Students can step through online lessons and carry out assessement tasks. Educators can then mark and provide feedback on students work and generate live reports.

In this talk, I will look at some design features of eLiveLearn and run through a very simple usage scenario (hands-on). I will also talk about work that still needs to be done to make it a fully functional ready to use system and some problems with the system. Audience comment and feedback will be most appreciated.

This talk may likely be of interest to Educators at secondary and tertiary level.

Daniel is an educator and runs his own IT company, Greenware IT. He has been a committee member of LUV for many years.

General Workshop Area:

At the LUV Beginner's workshop you can come along and work with Linux enthusiasts to assist you in setting up your system the way you want. This could include friendly advice on partitions, distributions, configurations, networking and specific applications. Bring your laptop!

The Melbourne OLPC Club meetings are co-located with the Beginner's Workshops. If you are interested in the OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) project, please come and join in!

VPAC is on the ground floor of Building 91, RMIT, 110 Victoria Street, Carlton, close to the corner of Swanston and Victoria Streets.

It is accessible by all Swanston Street trams and is is near to Melbourne Central train station.

LUV would like to acknowledge BENK Open Systems for their financial support of the Beginners Workshops

LUV would like to acknowledge Red Hat for their help in obtaining the Buzzard Lecture Theatre venue and VPAC for hosting!


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