October 2013 Beginners' Workshop: Webmin

Oct 19 2013 12:30
Oct 19 2013 17:00

VPAC Training Room, 110 Victoria Street, Carlton South

"Managing your Linux system using Webmin" by Daniel Jitnah

In this talk I will discuss how a Linux system can be configured and managed using Webmin. Webmin is a web based tool that provides a wide range of options to manage a Linux system. It uses Perl scripts and has a plug-in architecture to add functionalities. There are also 2 cousin tools, Usermin and Cloudmin, which I will also very briefly discuss.

Daniel is a long time Linux user and runs his own Open Source and Linux consultancy business GreenwareIT. He is also the Vice President of LUV and a Director of Open Source Industry Australia. (OSIA)

In a past life he was a Secondary School Teacher, and has maintained a strong interest in the use of Open Source and Linux in the Education Sector. Daniel has never used a Microsoft product as his primary operating system, and does not know the meaning of the word "PowerPoint".

VPAC is almost opposite Melbourne City Baths. It is close to
Swanston Street trams.

LUV would like to acknowledge Red Hat for their help in obtaining the Buzzard Lecture Theatre venue and VPAC for hosting, and BENK Open Systems for their financial support of the Beginners Workshops

Linux Users of Victoria Inc., is an incorporated association, registration number A0040056C.


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