May 2014 Beginners Workshop : Recent Developments and Extensions to LibreOffice

May 17 2014 12:30
May 17 2014 17:00

110 Victoria Street, Carlton

At the LUV Beginners' Workshop you can come along and work with Linux enthusiasts to assist you in setting up your system the way you want. This could include friendly advice on partitions, distributions, configurations, networking and specific applications. Bring your laptop!

Wen Lin will be giving a presentation on : Recent Developments and Extensions to LibreOffice

LibreOffice is a free and open source office suite, developed by The Document Foundation. It was forked from in 2010. The LibreOffice suite comprises programs to do word processing, spreadsheets, slideshows, diagrams and drawings, maintain databases, and compose math formulae. It is the default office application suite in many distributions of Linux.

LibreOffice supports many third-party extensions. As of June 2013, the LibreOffice Extension Repository lists more than 190 extensions.

Wen Lin is the long-serving treasurer for Linux Users of Victoria and has provided several presentations in the past on Libre/OpenOffice.

VPAC is on the ground floor of Building 91, RMIT, 110 Victoria Street, Carlton, on the north side of Victoria Street, about 50m east of Swanston Street, opposite the north side of Melbourne City Baths.

Public transport: frequent trams run along Swanston Street; VPAC is a few minutes' walk from Melbourne Central train station.

LUV would like to acknowledge Red Hat for their help in obtaining the Buzzard Lecture Theatre venue and VPAC for hosting, and BENK Open Systems for their financial support of the Beginners Workshops

Linux Users of Victoria Inc., is an incorporated association, registration number A0040056C.


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Cite and write for libre office

Hello. I am very sorry that I will not be able to come to the meeting regarding Libre office.
I have a problem that I am hoping someone at LUV can help me with.
I really need a Cite and write add-on like EndNote that I can use with Ubuntu and libre office. The closes I have come is Mendeley. Unfortunately Mendeley will still not work due to some issues with plugins.
The latest version of ubuntu and libreoffice are very good but the cite and write issue is the last hurdle I need to overcome before I can draw the curtains on windows for ever

Regards Colin

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