LUV Main July Meeting: SKA and Linux and Innovation Software Patents

Jul 1 2014 19:00
Jul 1 2014 21:00

The Buzzard Lecture Theatre. Evan Burge Building, Trinity College, Melbourne University Main Campus, Parkville.

Ewan Barr, Linux and the Square Kilometre Array

Dr. Ewan Barr is a member of the Centre of Astrophysics and Supercomputing at Swinburn University, working on the SKA Molonglo Pathfinder (SKAMP) project. The Molonglo Observatory Synthesis Telescope (MOST) is Australia's largest radio telescope and has the potential to be a world class radio astronomy facility. The SKA radio telescope is an international project to build the world's largest radio telescope; consisting of thousands of antennas linked together by high bandwidth optical fibre. The SKA will be 50 times as sensitive as the best existing radio telescopes and will have a survey speed 10,000 times faster than its nearest current-day rival—enabling it to carry out research more quickly than ever before. It aims to address fundamental questions about the evolution of the Universe including the formation of black holes, the origins of the first stars and the generation of magnetic fields in space.

Ewan will speak on the SKA and the use of Linux in this major international project.

Lev Lafayette, The Innovation Patent Review and Free Software

Lev Lafayette is a systems administrator and quality assurance coordinator at the V3 Alliance (formally VPAC). He is also the President of Linux Users of Victoria when he is not collecting degrees for fun.

The innovation patent system was established in 2001 providing incremental and low-level that do not meet the standard patent protection. In 2011, the then Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research requested that ACIP investigate the effectiveness of the innovation patent system in stimulating innovation by Australian small to medium business enterprises. Linux Users of Victoria, along with other software developers contributed to the review which this week recommended that "no method, process or system shall be patentable".

This presentation will cover the issue of software patents in Australia, the contribution to the debate by LUV, and how we can move forward.

The Buzzard Lecture Theatre, Evan Burge Building, Trinity College Main Campus Parkville Melways Map: 2B C5

Notes: Trinity College's Main Campus is located off Royal Parade. The Evan Burge Building is located near the Tennis Courts. See our Map of Trinity College. Additional maps of Trinity and the surrounding area (including its relation to the city) can be found at

Parking can be found along or near Royal Parade, Grattan Street, Swanston Street and College Crescent. Parking within Trinity College is unfortunately only available to staff.

For those coming via Public Transport, the number 19 tram (North Coburg - City) passes by the main entrance of Trinity College (Get off at Morrah St, Stop 12). This tram departs from the Elizabeth Street tram terminus (Flinders Street end) and goes past Melbourne Central Timetables can be found on-line at:

Before and/or after each meeting those who are interested are welcome to join other members for dinner. We are open to suggestions for a good place to eat near our venue. Maria's on Peel Street in North Melbourne is currently the most popular place to eat after meetings.

LUV would like to acknowledge Red Hat for their help in obtaining the Buzzard Lecture Theatre venue and VPAC for hosting, and BENK Open Systems for their financial support of the Beginners Workshops

Linux Users of Victoria Inc., is an incorporated association, registration number A0040056C.


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