LUV Main April 2016 Meeting: 3D-Printing, Drones, and Bio Tech

Apr 5 2016 18:00
Apr 5 2016 22:00

The Savoy Tavern, Corner of Spencer & Bourke Street, Melbourne



  • The Future of Health & Biotech - Angus Hervey and Tane Hunter
  • Making sense of molten plastic - Adam Purdie
  • The Hexo+ Story - Etienne Zwiebel

The Future of Health & Biotech - Angus Hervey and Tane Hunter

A transformation of medicine is underway, moving from a science of treating diseases to a science of improving health. We are beginning to gain control over the basic biological processes of life. We can now cut and paste our DNA, we are learning how to slow down the process of aging and developing machine to brain interfacing. Tane and Gus from Future Crunch will dive into the exciting things happening at the frontiers of healthcare and biotechnology.

Gus Hervey and Tane Hunter are founders of @future_crunch, the excellent online publication offering fresh and intelligent perspectives on how humanity is finding new solutions to our biggest challenges. Gus is a science communicator, with a background in environmental economics and international political economy, and Australian manager of Random Hacks of Kindness. Tane is a bio-informatician, working with big data in the biological realm, and specialising in cancer research.

Making sense of molten plastic - Adam Purdie

A walkthrough of current state of play for home 3d printing and the biggest challenges making and getting your stuff printed, then move onto some interesting non-home 3d printing and where Adam sees it going in the next few years. Adam will talk about the leading and emerging tech in home 3d printing including colour FDM printing, nylon/carbon fibre printing, SLA projector and laser printing and where they may lead.

Adam was trained in business computing and electronics in NZ in the late 90s.
He has been developing software for 17 years and is currently working for Odecee as a build engineer and CI/CD developer. In his spare time he builds robotics platforms, integrated engine management for a motorbikes, website management systems, he is a diver and a painter.

The Hexo+ Story - Etienne Zwiebel

How a bunch of geeks knowing nothing about drones went from a dodgy prototype to the sweet final product.

Etienne is an experienced software engineer with over seven years’ experience in the field of embedded real time software and aeronautics. Today he is in Melbourne to develop the Australian branch of Sogilis, helping any company in its quest of success through kicking ass software dev.

“Because being a hit in France was getting boring: now we want to be a hit in Australia!”


  • 6pm - Drinks and socialising
  • 7pm to 8:30pm - Technical presentations and demos
  • 8:30pm until late - Music, drinks, and party

This event is organised by BuzzConf Nights

Linux Users of Victoria Inc. is an incorporated association, registration number A0040056C.


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