LUV June 2019 Main Meeting: Unlocking insights from Big Data / An Introduction to Packaging

Jun 4 2019 19:00
Jun 4 2019 21:00
Kathleen Syme Library, 251 Faraday Street Carlton VIC 3053


7:00 PM to 9:00 PM Tuesday, June 4, 2019
Kathleen Syme Library, 251 Faraday Street Carlton VIC 3053


  • Matt Moore: Unlocking insights from Big Data
  • Andrew Worsely: An Introduction to Packaging


Unlocking insights from Big Data

Every day we’re producing and consuming an ever increasing amount of data.  Data we consciously produce ourselves is massive, however the machine data produced automatically by business systems, industrial processes, appliances, telemetry and literally any digital process is inconceivably vast.  Through this session Matt will discuss why teasing out real time insights from previously undervalued machine data sources such as log files and wire data matters and how we can turn the noise into actionable answers.  Matt will also introduce Splunk as a platform which can manage the entire process from data acquisition through to presentation and automation.  Using some common machine data sources he will take you through the journey from messy unstructured data to clear insights where we can ask any question using an easy Search Processing Language and use these insights to drive Dashboards and Alerts, automate processes, and feed machine learning algorithms.

Matt Moore is a Splunk Sales engineer and avid data wrangler working with machine data spanning everything from security and application development through to IOT and industrial data. Prior to working with Splunk Matt spent his days working with telephony and network solutions wishing there was a way to understand his environment without using telnet and notepad++

In his spare time Matt enjoys dabbling with crypto currencies and occasionally terrifies flying instructors at Tyab airport.  Matt had previously experimented with living aboard and restoring an old steel yacht, but after experiencing the reality of cold showers and early mornings, now appreciates living on land with central heating and broadband.


An Introduction to Packaging

The most convenient way to pass around software on Linux systems is as a package.  Understanding what's in them and how to quickly build one is really useful to move work between systems easily.  Andrew will start with a very simple package and build up to more complex packages based around the Debian package format that he is most familiar with.  This is a huge topic so there is only time go over the major parts and he will be taking directions from the audience as to what aspects people most interested in learning about.

Andrew Worsley is an embedded software engineer with 30+ years of programming experience.  He has worked in a wide variety of areas from kernel drivers, compilers to networking equipment, AI programming languages and image processing systems such as Kodak's Image Magic.  This included a variety of low level coding such writing u-code for Network processors to porting kernels to new Intel and ARM based hardware.  These days he is trying to keep bugs out of very high speed (100Gbit/s) encryption systems that are manufactured in Victoria and sold around the world.

Many of us like to go for dinner nearby after the meeting, typically at Brunetti's or Trotters Bistro in Lygon St.  Please let us know if you'd like to join us!

Linux Users of Victoria is a subcommittee of Linux Australia.


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