NOTICE: New list archiving policy

This is public notice about the new list archiving policy as approved by the membership of the Linux Users of Victoria at the 2006 AGM held on the 5th of September.

Starting January 1st 2007 ALL posts made to LUV lists will be publicly archived and accessible to search engines.

This includes:

  • LUV-main
  • LUV-talk
  • And all the sigs

To respect the privacy of the former closed lists we will not allow public access to archived posts made before that date, however LUV members will continue to be able to access them.

To prevent spam, address munging will be used to hide any e-mail address detected by the system. Initially we will remove the domain from any e-mail address detected in the archive. LUV may consider changing the nature of the address munging in the future, however the membership will be consulted for opinions and thoughts on any changes where possible and no retroactive changes will be made.

Should you not wish your posts to be archived we strongly advise you to cease posting or unsubscribe by the 1st of January. Please note that X-No-Archive is not a solution as there is no guarantee that any follow-ups to your posts that include some or all of it will have it set.

If you have an issue with this policy feel free to take it up with the Secretary (Julien Goodwin) at, but do note that this policy was passed by overwhelming majority at the AGM and holds the unanimous support of both the current and former committees. This has been a contentious issue for over 10 years and nothing has changed, we have made a proposal for an open archive and the members have approved it, so unlike the many people who have argued about this over the years we feel we have finally resolved this.

Julien Goodwin
Secretary, Linux Users of Victoria

Some FAQ's

Are the archives available in MBOX format?
Not currently, no.
When does public archiving start?
Public archiving started at Midnight, January 1, 2007 AEDT (GMT+11). The archives should be open soon.
What happens to old posts?
They will remain in a private archive accessible only to members
What's being done to prevent SPAM to members?
All messages will have any detected e-mail addresses munged by the archving software. Currently we completely drop the domain to prevent even human assistance from being able to unmunge them.
But I don't want my e-mail address munged!
Sorry, but there's no easy way to stop it. Due to the odd ways some mailers quote we can't safely turn off munging on signatures.
Munging would be better like this
Well we're happy to listen to your suggestions. However, our list archives are generated by MHONARC so we strongly encourage suggestions to be accompanied by valid config files that demonstrate them.