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  • Beginner's Workshop   10 years 21 weeks ago

    Considering there is a talk on linux gaming hopefully there will be some people who want help figuring out which games they can play, how, and how to install them. I think I'll come along and help with these issues.

    I've got extensive experience with Steam based games, native games (Heroes of Newerth, Spring etc), and general gaming in Wine. If you've got trouble with any of these I'd be happy to help.

    A caveat is I've only ever used nvidia graphics cards so issues with intel or ati drivers is not some thing I will be that helpful with. For wine games make sure they work via the wine appdb before attempting to seek help.

    For those who are interested Heroes of Newerth is a (closed-source) game currently in beta that will be replacing DotA in the near future as the major game of that genre. It has a native linux client with active development. While it is in beta it is free to play and $30 to pre-order.

  • Beginner's Workshop   10 years 22 weeks ago

    @rock, yes, the workshop is free to attend. Technically it's for LUV members, but membership is also free, so it doesn't really matter. Just turn up and join in the fun!

    The software discussed really depends on everyone's interests - if you have a particular program you'd like help with, please bring it along (ideally already installed on your laptop) and we'll see what we can do!

  • Beginner's Workshop   10 years 23 weeks ago

    Hi, there's no prices mentioned so is this free to attend?

    What Linux software will you be using as reference?


  • Beginner's Workshop   10 years 26 weeks ago

    Yes, the workshop is free and open to everyone!

  • Beginner's Workshop   10 years 26 weeks ago

    Is this Workshop for free for international students ?

  • Beginner's Workshop   10 years 27 weeks ago

    I run mythbuntu and home and I'll be there :-)

  • Beginner's Workshop   10 years 28 weeks ago

    Any chance that there would be someone there who answer questions about setting up MythBuntu?

  • LUV December Meeting   10 years 33 weeks ago

    Hi Yoke,

    To become a member, simply sign up to our announcement mailing list. You can do that online at

  • Beginner's Workshop   10 years 33 weeks ago

    Hi Elizabeth,

    Have you installed UNR yet on your Eeepc? If so, how do you find it?

  • Beginner's Workshop   10 years 34 weeks ago

    I have an Asus EEE PC which runs Linux and would love to learn more about it. Your workshop sounds great. I couldn't find anywhere to RSVP. Is it alright to come along. I know it's terribly short notice.
    Elizabeth Corsar.

  • LUV December Meeting   10 years 36 weeks ago

    Thanks for again organising some great speakers. I recall meeting Craig a couple of years ago at a Novell forum, it would be great to hear what he has been doing with cloud computing.

  • The Manga Guide to Molecular Biology   10 years 37 weeks ago

    Being a biologist who loves Japanese art, I've got to say that this book looks awesome! I wonder how advanced it is; could it be used in class?

  • 2010   10 years 37 weeks ago

    Linux users and Linux promotion in the Australian Media (all media)

    With great interest I'm reading the happenings about promotion and exhibitions of the Open Source Software on the internet, and in several Linux orientated magazines about the "Oscons",

    Whatever the tremendous efforts from all participants here in Australia,and participants outside the Pacific region, what I would like to see happening here is that this Linux Conference in New Zealand, it should reported by the
    Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and in particular at the program "The 7.30 report".

    As long the ABC and other media keep ignoring the Open Source Software existence, and therefore its users, and all the creative groups and individuals who write a tremendous range of a variety of programs worldwide, if it is not being reported in the mainstream media here in Australia you won't get much further, by informing the wider community, outside the local Linux User Groups, and their friends and relatives.

    That raises the next question, I have no doubt that Linux Australia and other Linux User Groups do a exellent job, however what about lobbying the board of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, asking them for support by reporting AND broadcasting the 2010
    in "The 7.30 report", after all this is an important event for Open Source Software users and programmers worldwide.

    Or can't we bother at all?
    (No time, to much effort, done that before, etc,etc)
    Ed Scholl.

  • LUV December Meeting   10 years 38 weeks ago

    I sent my registration and I got an email to ask me to click on some URL. When I clicked on it, it says that there is an error.
    How can I be a member?


  • Software Freedom Day 2009   10 years 47 weeks ago

    I heard about the Chadstone day via your beautiful "postcard" flyer - which I saw for 30 seconds at another house, but forgot to pick up.

    I am an open-source user and advocate. Why aren't I down at Chadstone?


    I'm not there because it is only now (1:30pm Saturday) that I discover you had an interesting programme of talks.

    The postcard has no hint of how much organisation is behind the event, or what audiences you cater to. Unless you tell me otherwise, I presume the minimum. That postcard has to spark the interest of your viewer - sufficient for them to check the details.

    Next year, I'd hope your card has (as well as this years excellent graphics and production) a reference to there being a programme of scheduled talks available at the website.


    Chadstone is a car ghetto.

    Shopping centres may be good for locals, but they are a turn-off to anyone from another part of town.

    It's worth mentioning Hughesdale station (may be a 10 min walk, by the map), but a good location is cycle friendly.


    I hope today has been as successful and enjoyable as you could have hoped. I hope that next year is even better!


  • Software Freedom Day 2009   10 years 49 weeks ago

    Hi there,

    Can you please let us know when the various presentations will be running. I am quite keen to hear the wordpress talk.

    Cheers, Glen

  • LUV Annual General Meeting   10 years 49 weeks ago

    Ah yes, the wiki only uses normal username/password combinations; it doesn't do openid.

    I'll add you though, thanks for doing a lightning talk! :-)

  • LUV Annual General Meeting   10 years 49 weeks ago

    I don't know how to log into the wiki. I log in here with openid, but my openid password doesn't work on the wiki. I beg your indulgence if you would allow a new member to do a lightening talk this evening on "toonlet: your own XKCD in minutes" if you can fit me in. Strictly for fun. See you this evening.

  • Beginner's Workshop   11 years 4 weeks ago

    There is footy on at Etihad stadium today, so it's best to get here early and look for parking in the side streets. The main car parks will fill up quickly.

  • The Essential Blender   11 years 5 weeks ago

    I want to know about it

  • Building Online Communities with Drupal, phpBB, and WordPress   11 years 14 weeks ago
  • Docklands Linux Beginner's Workshop   11 years 16 weeks ago

    Thanks for the reply, I'll sure come next month's event :)

  • Docklands Linux Beginner's Workshop   11 years 17 weeks ago

    If you have a specific problem with your machine that you want solved, then yes, bring a machine.

  • Docklands Linux Beginner's Workshop   11 years 17 weeks ago

    The workshops run until around 4pm, so arriving any time before then is fine.

  • Docklands Linux Beginner's Workshop   11 years 17 weeks ago

    Hiya, we have no plans to record the workshops as yet - I don't think their format warrants it, to be honest.

    That said, if someone with a camera attends and offers to record and publish, I'm sure nobody will object :-)

    There will be another workshop next month though, so come to that one instead!