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Saturday December 19, 2009
Start: Dec 19 2009 12:00

It's time again for the LUV Beginner's Workshop. Come along on December 19th.

We intend to cover things like:

  • How should you partition your machine? Should you use LVM?
  • installing various linux distributions;
  • tweaking and configuring your system;
  • automatic backups;
  • home networking, including wireless;
  • setting up specific applications;
  • using specific applications;
  • the Linux problem you're having
Saturday January 09, 2010
Start: Jan 9 2010 12:00

Break out your bbq tongs and aprons, it's time for our annual barbecue!

We're using the same venue as last year. There are two barbecues, a playground and it provides ample shade and enough room to run around. Bring friends, family, toys, food and drink for a great afternoon.

Coffee is available just across the road and there is a Safeway on Merchant Street - a 5 minute walk - as well as an IGA on Bourke Street West. There is unmetered 2-hour parking along Harbour Esplanade.

Monday January 18, 2010
Start: Jan 18 2010 09:00
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