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Saturday August 21, 2010
Start: Aug 21 2010 12:00
End: Aug 21 2010 16:00

Iit's time again for the LUV Beginners Workshop. Come along on August 21.

We intend to cover things like:

  • How should you partition your machine? Should you use LVM?
  • installing various linux distributions;
  • tweaking and configuring your system;
  • automatic backups;
  • home networking, including wireless;
  • setting up specific applications;
  • using specific applications;
  • the Linux problem you're having
Tuesday September 07, 2010
Start: Sep 7 2010 19:00

Annual General Meeting - we'll try to keep it short, but it has to be done. Please vote before the meeting!

The AGM will also deal with electing a President, since no candidates have been nominated for the position.

** Lightning talks **

You might be working on a project and want help or you may have found this great piece of software and want to tell others about it, but you don't feel up to making a half-hour presentation. Now is your chance! You have three minutes to do with as you please in this lightning talk session.

Saturday September 18, 2010
Start: Sep 18 2010 11:00
End: Sep 18 2010 16:00
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