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Saturday July 21, 2012
Start: Jul 21 2012 12:30
End: Jul 21 2012 17:30

In this talk, Alex will give a practical overview of OpenShot, an easy to use video editing built on Python and GTK.

Alex is LUV committee member who operates his own Linux-orientated computer consultance that provides technical support, training and development, web development and video and audio services.

General Workshop Area:

Tuesday August 07, 2012
Start: Aug 7 2012 19:00
End: Aug 7 2012 21:00

* Donna Benjamin, Infiltration Day 853: Drupal Association Board. Confessions of a not-so-secret double agent
* Simon Dawes, TYPO3 Content Management System

The Drupal Association

The Drupal Association has been through some major changes in its governance and staffing in the last few years. It recently ran its first general election for "Directors At Large" and since 2010 has increased the number of employees by 900%. It moved its headquarters from Belgium to the USA and now manages a budget of around 3 million US dollars in annual revenue.

Saturday August 18, 2012
Start: Aug 18 2012 12:30
End: Aug 18 2012 17:30

NOTE that this event is at : VPAC is on the ground floor of Building 91, RMIT, 110 Victoria Street, Carlton and NOT Trinity College, Melbourne Uni ... (Don't know why it wont let me edit the venue above ?? )

In this talk, Lev will give a thorough introduction to the Linux command line, including file, system, and program commands, begining with an exploration of the environment through to simple scripting.

Lev is the current LUV president and has taught command-line Linux in several organisations over the past ten years.

General Workshop Area:

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