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Saturday November 17, 2012
Start: Nov 17 2012 12:30
End: Nov 17 2012 17:00

Daniel Jitnah's Abstract: eLiveLearn is a (very) long term pet project of mine! eLiveLearn is FOSS (php/linux/apache) based system designed to be a complete on learning environment. Unlike many other online learning systems (Learning Management Systems) such as Moodle, Whiteboard etc which are content management systems (CMS) with added learning support features, eLiveLearn was design designed from start to fully support the complete Learning-Assessment-Reporting process in a fully integrated system.

Tuesday December 04, 2012
Start: Dec 4 2012 19:00
End: Dec 4 2012 21:00
Saturday December 15, 2012
Start: Dec 15 2012 12:30
End: Dec 15 2012 17:00


VPAC Training Room, 110 Victoria Street, Carlton South

Terry Kemp will give a presentation introducting the variety of Linux desktop systems, their advantages and features and how to work around the different implementations.

General Workshop Area:

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