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Saturday February 16, 2013
Start: Feb 16 2013 12:30
End: Feb 16 2013 17:00

Daniel Jitnah, "A Brief Introduction to PHP programming and my experience with it ..."

Abstract: "The title of this talk is self-explanatory ..! . .. however, as I do not claim to be an expert PHP programmer, I will share my experience and very willing to hear others experience too and specially if they can find faults in what I do, so I can improve.... then may be next year I'll be in a position to give an expert talk :) "

General Workshop Area:

Tuesday March 05, 2013
Start: Mar 5 2013 19:00
End: Mar 5 2013 21:00

* David Perkins, VPAC/Bio21 The Critical Importance of Linux in 'Omics(Proteonomics, Genomics, Variomics)

* A Summary of Speeches from LCA

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