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Wednesday November 06, 2013
Start: Nov 6 2013 19:00
End: Nov 6 2013 21:00

Lev Lafayette: MMORPGs and Linux

Jacinta Richardson: Don't repeat yourself. Fun with parsing

NOTE: Because of Cup day, we meet this month on Wednesday.

Saturday November 16, 2013
Start: Nov 16 2013 12:30
End: Nov 16 2013 17:00

"An introduction to computer games: Why are they important to us all?"
by Andrew Pam

Tuesday December 03, 2013
Start: Dec 3 2013 19:00
End: Dec 3 2013 21:00

Stewart Smith: The Agony and Ecstasy of Continuous Integration

Lightning Talks

Since our planned second speaker can't make it, we're calling on our members to give "lightning talks", short talks of just a few minutes on Linux-relevant topics.

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