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Saturday July 19, 2014
Start: Jul 19 2014 09:45
End: Jul 19 2014 09:45

Saturday, July 19, 2014 9:45 AM to 5:15 PM St. Mary's Anglican Church 6-8 La Trobe Road, Morwell

Linux Australia in partnership with Linux Users Victoria is pleased to invite you to the inaugural La Trobe Valley Linux Miniconf and installfest which will also see the formation of a new regional of chapter of Linux
users specifically for the La Trobe Valley region.

The lecture program includes "Why Linux Is The Future of Computing", "Moving from MS-Windows to Linux", "The Variety of Linux Distributions and Desktops", "LibreOffice and Other Office Applications", "Computer Security

Tuesday August 05, 2014
Start: Aug 5 2014 19:00
End: Aug 5 2014 21:00


Richard Keech "Linux for monitoring and control in a sustainable house"
Bernard Meade "Recent Developments in 3 Printing"


This talk will describe how the use of Linux with One-Wire bus sensors and controls can provide the smarts for an energy-efficient home. This will look at:

* Hardware for monitoring of temperature, the use of water, and the use and generation of energy;
* Wireless interfacing to smart meters;
* One-Wire bus and how it interfaces to Linux;
* How to switch devices using One-Wire bus;
* Controlling data collection;

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