Library of LUV

Library of LUV is a collection of books available for loan to members.

The canonical list of library books is at our LibraryThing, including the current location of the book (if blank, it's with the committee).

The LUV Wiki page LoLbooks provides a queue of people who want to borrow a book.

You need to login to the wiki before you can edit pages. Your wiki login is identical to the main LUV website login. If you don't have an account on the main website you can create one.

If there isn't a queue, start one and message the person who has the book - which may be the librarian. Use the "E-mail this user" facility on their user page to message them. If that doesn't work, you could contact the luv-ctte.

Books loaned out for a month at a time, but can be renewed at the end of month if there's nobody in the queue. There is a hard limit of a year however. After that you should have read it!

If you have some reasonably useful Linux-related books that you wish to donate to the library please do so. We'd luv to have them.