Mailing Lists

The group maintains a number of Mailing Lists for LUV members. They are:

luv-main: The main luv mailing list, for LUV- and Linux-related discussions and questions.
luv-talk: For LUV members who just want to chat to like minded people about anything at all.
luv-tech: For non-Linux technical issues (e.g., other operating systems, devices etc).
luv-beginners: For newcomers to ask Linux questions and get answers. List motto, "there are no stupid questions."
luv-jobs: For those seeking Linux-related employment and employers seeking Linux-skilled people.
luv-announce: A very low traffic read-only list containing important announcements about LUV events and LUV-related news. Being subscribed to the luv-announce list constitutes membership of Linux Users of Victoria.
luv-ballarat: A very low traffic read-only list containing important announcements about LUV events and LUV-related news based in Ballarat and relevant for that regional Chapter.
luv-geelong: A very low traffic read-only list containing important announcements about LUV events and LUV-related news based in Geelong and relevant for that regional Chapter.
luv-shepparton: A very low traffic read-only list containing important announcements about LUV events and LUV-related news based in Shepparton and relevant for that regional Chapter.

Further information about the LUV mailing lists can be found in our Frequently Asked Questions.

Digest Versions of the Lists

LUV no longer has separate lists for digests. Instead, Mailman allows you to receive your email in a digest mode. This lets you receive mails once in a time period specified by the list owner (Currently every day at 19:30). You can select this in your preferences for each list.

Subscribing and Unsubscribing

You can subscribe and unsubscribe from lists (as well as performing other actions) by using the Mailing list web interface. The LUV mailing lists are managed using the Mailman mailing list software.

How do I subscribe?


Firstly, as membership of the luv-announce list is indication of your membership of LUV, you cannot automatically subscribe yourself to the list (although you can unsubscribe yourself, see below). To join LUV, fill out the membership form to join LUV and be added to the luv-announce mailing list.

Have I been removed from the list?


You can see which mailing lists you are a member of by viewing your preferences for the mailing list in question. This will tell you which lists you are on.

If you are subscribed to a list, but you do not receive any mail, please note that if your mail setup was being disruptive as a result of receiving mail (eg: due to use of vacation/holiday email notifier programs), the mailing list managers may have seen fit to change your mail preferences to "NOMAIL". Once you've fixed the issue, select your desired mail reception mode. Web archives are available so you can see what you've missed.

If you have actually have been removed from a list, it is probably due to your mail bouncing. This may be an ISP issue, a mail server issue, or possibly just that your mailbox is full. Once you rectify the problem, feel free to join the lists again. As long as you are a member of the luv-announce list, you will be able to join any of the lists that LUV has to offer. If you have been unsubscribed from luv-announce, you will have to join again. Please follow the details above for joining.

Posting Restrictions


The LUV mailing lists are restricted such that posting to them is only allowed from subscribed e-mail addresses. This means that if you have more than one e-mail address, by default your messages will only be accepted if you send them from the address that is subscribed to the list.

If you really need to post from more than one address, send mail to the LUV Secretary luv-secretary (at) and request that your additional address be added to the allowed posters. Don't forget to specify both the new address and the address you are subscribed to the list with.

We hope to have an automated system for doing this in the future.

Posting Suggestions


If you need help with a problem, please try to state the problem as clearly as possible. "Help, X doesn't work!" doesn't give us enough information to be able to help you solve the problem.

Some excellent resources on how to formulate questions are Eric Raymond's "How To Ask Questions the Smart Way" and Simon Tatham's "How to Report Bugs Effectively".

Rules and Guidelines

1. Individual posters are responsible for views expressed


The LUV mailing lists are provided as a service to LUV members, and messages may come from any subscriber. Posts to any of the mailing lists represent the views of the poster only, and under no circumstances represent the views of LUV or the LUV committee. LUV does not have anything to do with the content of the postings.

2. Lists are unmoderated/uncensored


LUV does not edit postings to the LUV mailing lists. The mailing list maintainer may "moderate" posts when they are submitted from non-subscribed addresses or are rejected for other technical reasons. Posts that are subject to moderation will not be approved if they violate any of these rules.

3. Offensive language is disallowed


Offensive language is disallowed on all of the LUV mailing lists. This includes profanities, sexually explicit language, and any speech that advocates violence against or hostility towards persons or organisations identified by their race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender or disability. Posts to the LUV mailing lists should be appropriate for viewing by LUV members of all ages.

4. Membership is a (revocable) privilege, not a right


Membership of the LUV mailing lists is a privilege, not an inherent right. LUV reserves the right to unsubscribe, suspend, or permanently ban any poster who consistently posts irrelevant material or uses the LUV mailing lists to promote products or interests not consistent with those of the lists. Such bans or suspensions will usually be preceded by warnings and perhaps debate regarding the list's rules and guidelines.

5. luv-main is for LUV- or Linux-related posts


The luv-main mailing list is for discussion of LUV- or Linux-related topics. Some example relevant topics are: questions about Linux, announcements of general-interest Linux news, and discussions about LUV presentations. When asking questions, it is advisable to first read the relevant Linux documentation or howto documents. LUV helps those who help themselves.

Dissenting views are welcome, but advocacy discussions are better suited to the luv-talk list.

6. luv-jobs is for job advertisements only


The luv-jobs mailing list is for Linux-related job advertisements only. It is not appropriate to post resumes or "work wanted" messages to the list.

It is not necessary to subscribe to this list if you want to submit a job offer, just send your email detailing the job offer to luv-jobs, and if it mentions "linux" , the moderator will allow it through.

7. luv-talk has no topic


There are no set posting guidelines for luv-talk. Members are expected to remain polite and to avoid using the list for private discussions, or replies which are not of interest to the list in general.

8. Relevant commercial postings acceptable


LUV mailings lists are for discussions related to Linux or of general interest to LUV members (see FAQ for description of lists). From time to time, commercial organizations ask the committee about sending product and service announcements to LUV members. The policy that has evolved for this issue is as follows. Commercial organizations may post messages to a LUV mailing list (as directed by the LUV committee), where:

  • the message has been approved by the LUV committee -- please send mail to luv-ctte (at) and,
  • the message contains clear commercial benefit for LUV members, ie. a discount, freebie, service in return, etc, and,
  • the message relates to a service that would be of general interest to Linux members, eg. hardware, Linux distributions, training courses, etc.