LUV moves to sympa

LUV has finally moved to the Sympa mailing list manager, after using Majordomo for so long. This will make things a lot easier for everyone, and we get things like a webmail interface , list archives for very little effort.

In the past , being a mailing list admin for luv required spending maybe 10-20 minutes a day, and longer on weekends , handling bounce messages that would arise from luv members who's email address had ceased to exist, detecting and fixing mail loops , etc. A list of luv's size meant that you could easily get 600 or more bounce messages a day. This because rather burdonsome to handle , and it became harder to find people to admin the luv lists.

During this time , the place where luv's server was hosted (Monash University) had more computers added to the path which mail would move through to get in or out. This would increase the number of headers added to each luv mail. Some mail servers would simply refuse to accept luv mail due to the number of headers. It would also cause mail to be transferred quite slowly sometimes.

All of this contributed to our need to find a way to more easily handle bounce messages, and with sympa , we think we've found it.

If anyone has a problem with the new interface , please send a mail to luv-ctte (at) luv (dot) asn (dot) au and detail what you think is wrong. LUV has 1200+ members , so please be patient , we will attend to your problem as fast as we can.

If you wish to join as a luv member , the URL is . I'll be updating the pages and links on the site to reflect these changes , so don't be surprised to see things change before your very eyes...

And don't forget , LUV has an IRC channel , if you have comments , you can join the channel and say things there. You'll get a more immediate reaction if you say things there.