This is a collection of presentations and tutorials which have been either written by LUV members, or presented at the monthly LUV meetings. Please bear in mind that all material available from here is copyrighted by the respective authors.

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Meeting Presentations

Our monthly meetings usually consist of a talk about some aspect of Linux or something relating to Linux. Here you will find links to slide decks or URIs from previous talks we've been sent by the presenters.


September Main Meeting
Lev Lafayette on New Developments in Supercomputing

August Workshop
Wen Lin, Dual-booting Windows 10 and Ubuntu

August Main Meeting
Roger, PF on OpenBSD
Russell Coker, fail2ban

July Workshop
Alec Clews, Beginners Guide to Docker

July Main Meeting
Dave Turk, Google Home Mini and Makerbot

June Workshop
Lev Lafayette, Being an Acrobat: Linux and PDFs

June Main Meeting
Andrew Pam, VoxxedDays conference report

May Workshop
Andrew Pam, Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver

May Main Meeting
Katherine Phelps, "Share" with FOSS Software

April Workshop
Linux and Drupal mentoring and troubleshooting

April Main Meeting
Alec Clews, Write docs like a software developer using the Linux toolchain

March Workshop
Comparing window managers

March Main Meeting
Robert Lechte, Unions - Hacking society's operating system

February Workshop
Andrew Pam, Installing an Open Source OS on your tablet or phone

February Main Meeting
Russell Coker and others, LCA conference report


December Main Meeting
Lev Lafayette, ISC and TERATEC: A Tale of Two Conferences
Duncan Roe, nftables

November Workshop
Andrew Pam, Status at a glance with LCDproc

November Main Meeting
Andrew Pam, Ubuntu Artful Aardvark

October Workshop
Russell Coker, Hands-on with Tor

October Main Meeting
Russell Coker, The Tor software and network

September Main Meeting
Duncan Roe, Cygwin
Steve Roylance, Virtualbox

August Beginners Meeting
Lev Lafayette, Secure Shell

August Main Meeting
Russell Coker, QEMU and ARM on AMD64

July Beginners Meeting
Andrew Pam, Teaching Programming Using Video Games

May Beginners Meeting
Wen Lin, Dealing with Security as a Linux Desktop User

May Main Meeting
Paul Bone, The Plasma Programming Language

April Beginners Meeting
Lev Lafayette, Compiling Software from Source Code

April Main Meeting
Adetokunbo "Xero" Arogbonlo, SageMath
Stewart Smith, Simultaneous multithreading

March Beginners Meeting
node.js workshop

March Main Meeting
Lev Lafayette, MultiCore World 2017 Wellington
Russell Coker, Patching with quilt
Rodney Brown, RISC V

February Beginners Meeting
Andrew Pam, Static websites with Jekyll, Hugo and Forestry

February Main Meeting
Lev Lafayette, OpenStack and the OpenStack Barcelona Summit
Jacinta Richardson, Data Structures and Algorithms in the 21st Century


December Main Meeting
Lev Lafayette, High Performance Linux in Europe
Peter Ross, Introduction to FreeBSD

November Main Meeting
Nick Moore, The Internet of Toys: ESP8266 and MicroPython
Les Kitchen, Functional Programming

October Beginners Meeting
Ivan Lim Siu Kee, Build a Simple RC Bot! Getting started with Arduino and Android

October Main Meeting
Scott Penrose, Sending Linux to Antarctica: 2012-2017

September Main Meeting
Lev Lafayette, Spartan: A Linux HPC/Cloud Hybrid
Paul Fenwick, The Future is Awesome (and what you can do about it)

August Beginners Meeting
Wen Lin, File Sharing in Linux (demo notes)

August Main Meeting
Russell Coker, M.2
Rodney Brown, CRCs

July Beginners Meeting
Lev Lafayette, GNU COBOL

July Main Meeting
Dr Gill Lunniss and Daniel Jitnah, ICT in Education
Tim Baldwin, To Search Perchance to Find: Improving Information Access over Technical Web User Forums

June Beginners Meeting
Rodney Brown, MPE on SIMH
Andrew Pam, Programming with Python

June Main Meeting
Russell Coker, BOINC

May Beginners Meeting
Paul Dwerryhouse, Apache Cassandra

May Main Meeting
Lev Lafayette, UNUM Computing
Russell Coker, How to monitor systems with "mon" and Jabber

April Beginners Meeting
Andrew Pam, Let's Play Games on Linux

April Main Meeting (with BuzzConf Nights)
Angus Hervey and Tane Hunter, The Future of Health and Biotech
Adam Purdie, Making Sense of Molten Plastic
Etienne Zwiebel, The Hexo+ Story

March Beginners Meeting
Andrew Pam, version control systems from Xanadu to git

March Main Meeting
Russell Coker, encryption and authentication with LetsEncrypt and TOR
Andrew Pam, the best talks of the LCA2016 conference

February Beginners Meeting
Daniel Jitnah, Video Security Monitoring with Linux

January Beginners Meeting
Sergey Guzenkov, tcpdump/tshark (wireshark) 


December Main Meeting
Chelton Evans, Maxima (speaker notes)
Andrew Pam, Holiday gift suggestions for Linux lovers

November Beginners Meeting
Scott Junner, Security scanning with nmap

November Main Meeting
Russell Coker, Computer Science and SELinux
Lev Lafayette, Parallel Programming

October Beginners Meeting
Russell Coker, Mail server installation training

October Main Meeting
Fraser McGlinn, Networking Fundamentals, Troubleshooting and Packet Analysis
Sam McLeod, High Performance Open Source Storage

September Main Meeting
Ryan Kelly, Cross-Compiling Code for the Web

August Beginners Meeting
Russell Coker, BTRFS and ZFS on Linux hands on tutorial

August Main Meeting
Chris Samuel, VLSCI: Supercomputing for Life Sciences
Jon Oxer, Open Machines Building Open Hardware

July Beginners Meeting
Ask the experts (no presentation)

July Main Meeting
Andrew Pam, An introduction to Ansible
Russell Coker, BTRFS update
Lev Lafayette, Educating People to become Linux Users: Some Key Insights from Adult Education

June Beginners Meeting
Wen Lin, The Amazing Raspberry Pi

June Main Meeting
Alan Rubin, Using deep mutational scanning to understand protein function
Donna Benjamin, Drupal8 out of the box

May Beginners Meeting
Andrew Pam, An Introduction to Ruby

May Main Meeting
Nathan Scott, Performance Co-Pilot
Paul Fenwick, Android Privacy 101

April Beginners Meeting
Daniel Jitnah, What's in the Cloud?

April Main Meeting
Katherine Phelps, Storytelling for Digital Media
Daniel Hall, Deploying Microservices Effectively

March Beginners Meeting
Lev Lafayette, An Introduction to High Performance Computing using Linux

March Main Meeting
Kieran Nolan and Martin Harris, CoderDojo
Stewart Smith, OpenPower and POWER8

February Beginners Meeting
Deb Henry, MythTV demonstration

February Main Meeting
Andrew Robinson, R: A Statistical Package on Linux
Andrew Tridgell, Flying with Linux (video from 2015) 


December Beginners Meeting
Terry Kemp, SUSE Linux

December Main Meeting
Paul Foxworthy, A vain attempt to rescue Australian democracy with a little JavaScript
Andrew Pam, Holiday gift suggestions for Linux lovers

November Beginners Meeting
Daniel Jitnah, Developing GUI applications

November Main Meeting
Alec Clews, An Update on Raspberry Pi
Russell Coker, systemd

October Beginners Meeting
Mike Hewitt, The Linux Command Line

October Main Meeting
Stewart Smith, A History of MySQL
Hank, Content-Centric Networking

August Beginners Meeting
Deb Henry, MythTV

August Main Meeting
Bernard Meade, 3D Printing
Richard Keech, Linux on Raspberry Pi for monitoring and control in a sustainable house.

July Beginners Meeting
LUV Miniconf, Install Fest, and Chapter Establishment in the La Trobe Valley

July Main Meeting
Lev Lafayette, Software and Innovation Patents
Ewan Barr, Linux and the Square Kilometre Array

June Beginners Meeting
Daniel Jitnah, Web browsing using Linux!

June Main Meeting
Martin Paulo, OpenStack Heat
Kevin Littlejohn, Docker -- Containerize all the things!

May Beginners Meeting
Wen Lin, Recent Developments and Extensions to LibreOffice

May Main Meeting
Russell Coker, Why I Hate OpenSSL and Heartbleed
Sean Crosby, Worldwide LHC Computing Grid

April Beginners Meeting
Terry Kemp, GNOME 3 and Tweaktool

April Main Meeting
Bianca Gibson, Preventing Volunteer Burnout
Russell Coker, Current Status of BTRFS

March Beginners Meeting
Daniel Jitnah, An Introduction to Drupal, 

March Main Meeting
Colby Swandale, Vagrant
Suelette Dreyfus, Whistleblowers

February Beginners Meeting
Lev Lafayette, An Introduction to Slackware

February Main Meeting
Les Kitchen, GNU/Linux on non-(standard Intel) architectures, org, html.



November Beginners Meeting
Andrew Pam, An introduction to computer games: Why are they important to us all?

November Main Meeting
Jacinta Richards: Don't repeat yourself. Fun with parsing
Lev Lafayette, MMORPGs and Linux

October Beginners Meeting
Daniel Jitnah, Managing your Linux system using Webmin.

October Main Meeting
Simon Elisha, AWS - Overview & Useful things for Linux Users
Jan Whitaker, Privacy in the age of pervasive surveillance

September Beginners Meeting
Software Freedom Day!

September Main Meeting

Annual General Meeting!

August Beginners Meeting
Les Kitchen, An Introduction to the Wonderful World of Emacs

August Main Meeting
Bernard Meade, 3D Printing at the University of Melbourne

July Beginners Meeting
Daniel Jitnah, An Introduction to Virtualisation

July Main Meeting
Alec Clews, Recent developments with Raspberry Pi
Russell Coker, Server Transfers Using Xen

June Beginners Meeting
Wen Lin, Backup Options with Linux

June Main Meeting
Adam Bolte, DRM in HTML5
Malcolm Herbert, Introduction to GNU Screen

May Beginners Meeting
Lev Lafayette: An Introduction to Supercomputers with Linux

May Main Meeting
Martin Paulo, An Open-Stack Tutorial
Aryan Ameri, Ubuntu Phones

April Beginners Meeting
Alex Garber, OpenShot: New Features and Current Status

April Main Meeting
Andrew Robinson, R: A Statistical Package on Linux
Julien Goodwin, Networking things all Systems Administrators should know

March Beginner's Meeting
Andrew Pam, Open Art and Content Creation Tools

March Main Meeting
David Perkins, VPAC/Bio21 The Critical Importance of Linux in 'Omics (Proteonomics, Genomics, Variomics)

February Beginners' Meeting
Daniel Jitnah, An Introduction to PHP 

February Main Meeting
Mike King, "Gamification - the process of applying gaming techniques to business applications"
Andrew Bartlett, "The Samba 4.0 Release"


December Beginners' Workshop

* Terry Kemp - The variety of Linux desktop systems

December Main Meeting

* Chris Samuel, VLSCI. Avoca. The most powerful supercomputer south of the Tropic of Cancer.
* Martin Paulo, OpenStack

November Beginners' Workshop

* Daniel Jitnah - eLiveLearn

November Main Meeting

* The Future Market Share of Linux, Carl Turney
* A Linux Roundup - Russell Coker

October Beginners' Workshop

* Lev Lafayette - An Introduction to HTML5

October Main Meeting

* Mike King: Developing Software for Android Tablets
* Nathan Bailey: High Performance Email: How to how to get less email, process it more quickly and achieve more results.

August Beginners' Workshop

* Lev Lafayette - An Introduction to the Command Line


August Main Meeting

* Donna Benjamin - The Drupal Association
* Simon Dawes, TYPO3 Content Management System

July Beginners' Workshop

* Alex Garber - OpenShot Video Editing

July Main Meeting

* Jason White, Writing and Typesetting Documents in Linux, Or: The Tools which I Used to Write my Thesis
* Wen Lin, Advanced Word Processing with LibreOffice


June Beginners' Worksop

* Daniel Jitnah, Doing the naughty thing in Linux!

June Main Meeting

* Avi Miller, Oracle, BTRFS and Other Filesystems


May Beginners' Workshop

* Andrew Pam, Scribus Tutorial

May Main Meeting

* Lev Lafayette, Multicore World and Linux
* Les Kitchen, The Early Days of Linux


April Beginners' Workshop

* Wen Lin

April Main Meeting

* Professor Alistair Moffat, University of Melbourne - The Importance of Computer Science,
* Thomas Conway, NICTA - The Importance of Scientific Computing,

March Beginners' Meeting

* Daniel Jitnah, My Linux System

March Main Meeting

* An Android Overview - Russel Coker
* Linux and Android: Marriage of convenience, or match made in heaven? - Aryan Ameri

February Beginners' Meeting

* Andrew Pam - Linux Games

February Main Meeting

* Andrew Chalmers, Be Hurd not Scene: Current Status in the other Kernel




December Beginners' Workshop

* Alec Clews - Programming Tips, Tricks and Tools for Novices


December Main Meeting

* Ben Sturmfels - Going Fully Free

* Lev Lafayette - Anti-competitive Aspects of UEFI Secure Boot


November Beginners' Meeting

* Alex Garber - OpenShot


November Main Meeting

* Andrew Griffiths - Drop it Like it's Hot
* Russell Coker - Multi-Level Security

October Beginners' Meeting

* Donna Benjamin - An Introduction to Inkscape


October Main Meeting

* Tim Connors - Use of Linux at the Australian Astronomical Observatory
* Bernie Schelberg - OpenWRT: A GNU/Linux based firmware program for embedded devices such as residential gateways and routers


August Main Meeting

* Brian Walters, Liberty Victoria - Keeping Senator Conroy out of my computer
* Brianna Laugher - Discovering Interesting Things with Python's Natural Language Tool Kit

July Main Meeting

* Stewart Smith, Photography workflow on Linux: importing, managing, editing

June Beginners' Workshop

* Kathy Reid - An Introduction to PHP


June Main Meeting

Julien Goodwin - Now the internet works
Sarvnaz Karimi - Find it all: how biomedical search engines should work!

May Beginners' Workshop

* Rob Brittain - Experiences with community groups.


May Main Meeting

* Geoff Beasley - Linux Audio Studio

* Tennessee Leeuwenburg - The Culture of Open Source in Government 


April Beginners' Workshop

* Ben Sturmfels - Why is Free Software Important?


April Main Meeting

* David Bannon, The VLSCI and Linux

* Mike Kuiper, Modelling biological molecules in the age of high performance computing


March Beginners' Workshop

* Alexander Garber - An introduction to Home Computing With Ubuntu.


March Main Meeting

*The World's Worst Inventions — Paul Fenwick
* Linux Networking Research Roundup — Julien Goodwin

February Beginner's Workshop

* Daniel Jitnah, An introduction to Virtualisation.

February Main Meeting

Paul McIntosh - Using GPUs
Dr. Andrew Perry - Use of Linux-based OSes for Biophysics & Structural Biology applications




December Meeting - Tue 7 Dec 2010
* Andrew Pam - Free and Open Source Games
* Jonathon Oxer - Practical Arduino


November Meeting - Wed 3 Nov 2010
* Matt Davis - Kernel Autopsy: A Brief Evisceration Into GNU/Linux Kernel Module Creation and Debugging
* Ben Sturmfels - Getting More Done With Emacs


October Meeting - Tue 5 Oct 2010
* Brian May - A Linux Photo Database Application
* Mike King - Free and Open-Source Business Models.

Sept Meet - Tue 7 Sep 2010 - AGM & Lightning Talks

Tue 3 Aug 2010
* Brian Walters, Liberty Victoria - Keeping Senator Conroy out of my computer
* Brianna Laugher - Discovering Interesting Things with Python's Natural Language Tool Kit

Tue 6 Jul 2010
* Stewart Smith - Photographers workflow: from the lens to the GIMP
* Andrew Chalmers - State of the L4Ka Pistachio microkernel.

June Meeting - Tue 1 Jun 2010
* Julien Goodwin - How the internet works
* Sarvnaz Karimi - Find it all: how biomedical search engines should work!


April Meeting - Tue 6 Apr 2010
* Rusty Russell - Switching To Userspace: A Kernel Hacker Leaves The Nest
* Tim Serong - High Availability in 37 Easy Steps

March Meeting - Tue 2 Mar 2010
* Dave Hall: GlusterFS
* Claudine Chionh: Humanities Computing, Drupal and what I did on my holidays.

February Meeting - Tue 2 Feb 2010
* Jason King: Using django to make web apps
* Daniel Price: Simulating the formation of stars


BBQ at Docklands

* Paul Fenwick - The Art of Klingon Programming
* Robin Gareus - State of the Art: linuxAV 2009

* James Turnbull - How to write a technical book
* Avi Miller - Oracle VM and Enterprise Life-Cycle Management

* Sandrine Balbo - The Deakin University Learning Repository
* Arjen Lentz - Relax! A Failure is NOT an Emergency

* Russell Coker - DNS and Bind
* Mick Wharen (Red Hat)

* Elena Kelareva - Automated Scheduling Problems
* Andy Gelme - Hacking the world... using an Arduino or two

* Ben Powell - GPL, BSD, WTF? Demystifying Licensing.
* Jacinta Richardson - 'On Speaking' and 'On getting your talk accepted'

* Jon Oxer - Geek My Ride
* Simon Hobbs - The Guts of Drupal 

September Meeting - Tue 1 Sep 2009 - AGM and Lightning Talks

October Meeting - Tue 6 Oct 2009
* Martin Sevior and Tim Fifield - Using Amazon EC2 for high energy physics
* Mike Gigante - Adventures of a Storage Startup

November Meeting - Wed 4 Oct 2009

* Alec Clews - Collaboration with Git and GitHub
* Michael C. Harris - WTF is Habari?

December Meeting - Tue 1 Dec 2009
* Craig Wiley - SUSEstudio
* Ian Wadham - KDE Games Development


December Raena Jackson Armitage - Usability on a Beer Budget Tyscon Clugg - OpenSSH: a quick tour November Brianna Laugher - Hacking Mediawiki for Users [video | slides] Russell Coker - Cloud Computing [video | slides] October Streaming Mobile Media - Ben Balbo Drizzle - Stewart Smith September Annual General Meeting An Illustrated History of Failure by Paul Fenwick, Perl Training Australia August Computer cabinets of curiosity by David Demant Accessing the Web the Linux Way via Speech and Braille by Jason White July Networking by Steve Walsh Mercury by Ralph Becket June Puppet by James Turnbull Clutter by Josh Stewart May Inkscaping for Fun and Profit by Donna Benjamin PHP CodeSniffer [PDF] by Avi Miller April AbiCollab - Rich Text Collaborative Editing [ODP] by Martin Sevior [OGG video] Using your Windows Smartphone on Linux by Stewart Smith March Pyglet Piñata by Alex Holkner and Richard Jones February Microsoft and Open Source? Oxymoron you say? [PDF] - Sarah Bond OpenSSH [PDF] - Damien Miller


December Unbreaking MythTV - Jaymz Julian An introduction to puppet - Grant Diffey November Blogging - Russell Coker Introduction to textutils - Steve Walsh October GPG Web of trust - Kristy Gray Emerging Linux Filesystems - Chris Samuel September KDE Development - Ian Wadham Annual General Meeting August Inkscape and Open Source graphics - Andy Fitzsimon Andy conducts a live demo showing the capabilities of Inkscape, GIMP and Scribus. July Eat My Data: How Everybody Gets File I/O Wrong - Stewart Smith Xen: A Gentle Introduction - Lev Lafayette June Bluetooth and Linux [ODP] - Grant Diffey May GnuPG and You - Kristy Gray Intro to SE Linux - Russell Coker April New Features in - Colin Charles March Making NFS Suck Faster - Greg Banks February CERN's LHC Worldwide Computer Grid - Marco La Rosa and Graeme Stewart


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