EduSIG across Australia

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Developing EduSIG across Australia

It is difficult to predict the potential interest, or participation of people in developing a GNU/Linux network for education in Australia. To begin with a SIG has been created under LUV, which falls under Linux Australia as shown in the following figure.

Once the Education SIG (EduSIG) is established, and there is interest, the next step is to help setup/support student clubs (e.g. GLUGs) at different tertiary institutions within Victoria. These GLUGs could take responsibility for the promotion of free software within that institute and local high schools. The
following figure shows the GLUGs underneath the EduSIG.

If the EduSIG is able to grow to have a number of healthy GLUGs the next possible step would be to promote the creation of other EduSIG groups within other state wide user groups (e.g. Linux Users of South Australia, Tasmanian Linux Users Group, etc.). The creation of a parent group to help coordinate and share resources may be beneficial. The following figure shows how this group, GNU/Linux Education Australia (GLEA), may interact directly with the various
EduSIG groups which are still SIG groups of the state wide user groups. There may also be a relationship between GLEA and Linux Australia.

Note: The above was created from ideas within initial proposal to create LUV EduSIG.