Second Installfest

The second LUV Linux Installfest, held of the 5th of December 1998, was even more successful than the first. With a much larger venue we were able to install about 50 copies of Linux and help countless people with their Linux setups. It also allowed more space for people to visit and see what was happening, and we had a constant stream of interested people on the day.

LUV would like to thank all of those who helped out on the day and made the installfest the great event it was. Extra special thanks to Methodist Ladies' College for providing the venue free of charge.

Thanks also goes to:

  • Shane Watts and Methodist Ladies' College, Kew, for providing the venue.
  • Linux Systems Labs for donating Linux door prizes.
  • NetCraft Australia for donating some Linux door prizes.
  • Red Hat for donating even more Linux door prizes.
  • Cybersource for providing food for the hungry attendees.

  • The venue

    Front Door
    The front entrance to the installfest venue, the dining hall in the
    centenary building of MLC.
    Paved Area
    Part of the paved area at the back of the venue where we had our
    barbeque lunch. Can you tell this is a school? Notice the school-kid
    sized rubbish bin!
    Overview picture of the room
    The inside of the venue, with installations in full flight. An "arty"
    tilted camera angle adds a touch of sophistication to the scene.
    The Registration Desk
    Roll up, roll up, to the registration desk. Waiting to greet the hordes are
    LUV president Nathan Bailey and MLC employee, venue organiser, and all
    round good guy Shane Watts.
    Firing up the barbeque are (from left) LUV committee member George Hansper,
    Cybersource's David Keegel (who brought the food), and LUV
    members Shane Watts and Mirko Fluher.

    LUV Volunteers

    Thanks are also due to the many tireless volunteers who helped out with the second Installfest. Among them are:

    Andrew Humphrey
    LUV installer Andrew Humphrey (on left) gets things rolling with the
    first install of the day.
    Nathan Bailey
    Nathan tried unsuccessfully to get some local press down to cover the
    Malcolm Herbert
    LUV installer Malcolm Herbert (on right) had to compete with the flash
    reflection from a naked PC. Installers got TuX-enhanced name tags
    to wear this time around.
    Tyson Dowd
    LUV installfest old-timer (a category which currently includes anyone who
    went to both installfests) Tyson Dowd came along late in the day.
    Warwick Harvey
    LUV VP Warwick Harvey shows that not only can he help run a user group,
    he can install Linux as well.
    Starting the BBQ
    Don't interrupt, this is highly technical work.
    Packing up at the end of the day. Some people just never go home.

    Prizewinners with their prizes

    Many prizes were donated to this Installfest; here are some of the winners with their prizes.

    Red Hat Archives Winner
    The first prize giving, a copy of the Linux Archives CD set.
    Gimp Winner
    Warwick presents prize number two, a GIMP 1.0 CD-ROM. We're expecting some amazing LUV artwork any day now.
    Red Hat Winner
    Installfest organiser Mike Battersby (on left) gives away a Red Hat boxed set.
    Hat Winner Again
    One of Red Hat's prizes was, well, a red hat. Our prize winner was happy to do some amateur modelling for us.
    Red Hat T-Shirt Winner
    The ultra-stylish Red Hat t-shirt. I'm assured you'll never be short of attention with this item of apparel.

    General photos

    These are some general photos taken on the day.

    Alpha Install
    Linux installing on a gen-yew-wine Digital Alpha system. I mean Compaq Alpha.
    BBQ Cooking
    The barbeque lunch was a huge success, with copious amounts of food being
    BBQ Eating
    LUV volunteers and installfest attendees enjoying a break from their
    frenzied installing and grabbing a bite to eat.
    Flash Overload
    This man was positively glowing with excitement at the thought of being
    at a LUV installfest.
    Laptop From Hell
    This could easily win the prize as the worlds least functional laptop. A
    seriously dead floppy drive foiled the best we could throw at it.
    Successful Laptop
    Philip Costigan (in front) with a more successful laptop install.
    One Lone Machine
    The last system, all alone in the night.


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