Third Installfest

LUV installfests just keep getting bigger and better, with Installfest 3 on April 24th, 1999, seeing about 40 installations of Linux as well as KDE and GNOME. Another 50 or 60 people came just to see what Linux was all about, and for the first time we had a dedicated area for vendors of Linux goods and services.

LUV would again like to thank all of those who helped out on the day and made the installfest the great event it was. Extra special thanks to Methodist Ladies' College for providing the venue free of charge.

The venue

Partially empty installfest venue
The first batch of installees plug their machines together and get started with the serious yet fun business of installing Linux.
Later in the day, the venue more crowded
A view across the installfest hall in the morning. Installations are happening in the foreground, and you can see
the venors area (right) and the demonstrations area (left) in the background.
Another view in the opposite direction
The view from behind the (as yet only partially there) demonstration machines towards the entrance and registration desk. Being demonstrated were GNOME,
KDE, Star Office, Quake and a number of multi-media presentations.
Two people, at table and a very black PC case
Stuart Young has gotten a happy installee's computer to the stage of Linux booting up. Featuring the coolest
PC case we saw all day - black and sporting a Jolt cola sticker on the front. He doesn't do beige!

LUV volunteers

Many LUV volunteers came out to install Linux, help people who'd already installed with issues, evangelise to the masses, and generally socialise.

Judging the the number of laptops we installed, people can't bear to leave Linux behind wherever they
go. Here we see LUV ring-in Greg Badros (seated, left) and the mysteriously named LUV member "Julio" (seated, middle) performing the first of the days laptop magic.
Unlike our first venue, this one has disabled access. As it should be!
Greg Badros (again) helps an installee with getting Linux going. This guy uses a speech synthesiser to read the screen. It's really cool.
LUV Secretary John Mann re-captures his youth via an "Extreme Linux" t-shirt.
That man again. "Julio" demonstrating
Partition Magic
(gratiously donated by PowerQuest for LUV installfests) to an appreciative cluster of people.
Installfest volunteer Ana Susanj and Wella hair products pin-up boy Andrew Cosgriff.
Richard Keech from Cybersource and Rocket Microsystems, irresistable in the Red Hat, and another installee.

Linux vendors

One section of the Installfest resembled a bazaar, with various Linux vendors flogging their wares (warez?).

A view of the vendor area, which covered the eastern wall of the room. It must be morning because the sun
is still coming through the windows.
BowTie software (left), sellers of what is probably Melbourne's cheapest Linux CD-ROMs, and geek company Netizen
advertising their top-notch Perl courses.
Linux hardware vendor Compucenter added an air of corporate professionalism to an otherwise largely informal
day. Seen here standing in front of their stall, where they demonstrated their hardware and Stampede Linux. Danny
Jovica (right) also helped out with a number of Linux installs.

The Cybersource Penguin

Many thanks to Cybersource for lending us their inflatable emperor penguin for the day.

Cybersource graciously loaned us their inflatable emperor penguin for the day, which proved to be a
crowd pleaser. Not only is the penguin a Linux mascot, but this one obviously has impeccable fashion sense,
judging by the LUV cap it's wearing.
Long distance (well, from Sydney anyway) visitor Kate Scholem couldn't wait
to get her hands on the penguin.
No installfest is complete without cheesy photographs of the LUV committee members. Here we see Vice-President Warwick
Harvey and installfest coordinator Graeme Cross making friends with the penguin.
More penguin enthusiasts at the registration desk. From right: Secretary John Mann, venue organiser and catering chief
Shane Watts, ever-energetic Nathan Bailey, the ubiquitous penguin, installfest organiser Mike Battersby and
committee member Andrew Cosgriff.


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