Linus visits LUV

Back in the dim dark past Linus made the journey to Australia to speak at the AUUG '94 conference, and the people at AUUG were gracious enough to allow him to speak to us. A well attended meeting was enjoyed by all
present. Our ex-pres Mike Battersby was good enough to snap some photos of the event.

Please note that, unlike Linux, these pictures are not for public distribution.

Mike and Linus

A shot of Mike and Linus together, Mike is wearing a very cheesy grin.

Linus in ghost mode

Surprise, taken with a 5,000,000 candlepower flash by the looks of it.

Linus with disk

Linus was accosted by some of the shameless amongst us for autographs. Seen here autographing LUV member Andrew Bulhak's 1.0 source disk. (Remember the days when the kernel source would fit on a 1.44 floppy?)

Linus gestures wildly

A shot of a slightly annoyed Linus, giving his presentation, after most of the content in the talk he had planned to present had been preempted by LUV's speaker. (Not to imply either gave a bad talk in any way, shape or form.)

All images Copyright © 1994 Mike Battersby. Unauthorised duplication prohibited.


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