Ballarat Install Fest


An install fest. (Remember them?)
Where competent members of LUV volunteer their time to introduce people to Linux by installing a distribution on their computers.


Saturday, 18th March at Ballarat University Technology Park.


Because we haven't done one for a while.
Because we haven't *ever* done one in regional Victoria.
Linux Users of Victoria is about to earn it's name.

Call for Volunteers!!!

LUV needs volunteers willing to help out with installation and various administrative, and gophering tasks.
We want about fifteen of you.

Note: Install fests are fun.
Install fests in regional Victoria are even more fun.
Happiness is mandatory.
Volunteer for the Install fest.

What do I need to know?

You need to get to Ballarat, organise accommodation and so forth with your own finances and your own free will.
We recommend getting there on the Friday night and leaving on Sunday.
We will need you *early* on Saturday morning, so leaving early on that day isn't really an option.
You *will* be tired after a day of installations, so leaving on Saturday night is not recommended unless you *really* have to.

A lengthy list of accommodation options are available at the website - on the cheaper end of town budget at least $50 per night.

Unless you are driving, we recommend you ring V/Line on 136 196 and get times, tickets and prices from them.
It is *much* quicker and easier to ring that use their website (although you may wish to check it out to see how broken it is).
Specify that you want a direct train from Melbourne to Ballarat, unless you *really* want to take a train to Geelong and then take the coach to Ballarat.

The University Technology Park is some distance from the city centre.
On Saturday morning, you may need to take a taxi (5331 3355) or catch a local bus (5331 7777).
Timetables for the latter are available at the Visitor Information Centre (cnr Sturt and Albert Sts).

Maps of Ballarat are available. Print these out. You will need them.

Saturday promises to be a very special evening.
Those of you that have experienced LCA will get the idea. Geeks, food, drink, in a foreign environment... Hilarity always ensues.

Convinced Yet?

Good. Your altruism to the Linux cause will be rewarded with much herring in the heavenly ice-flow by the Almighty Penguin.
In the meantime, contact imajica, your Fearless Leader, at