New LUV site goes live!

The new LUV site has finally gone live, replacing the old site. If you have any complaints or whatnot, please feel free to email the LUV committee. To create a user account, follow the link in the login box marked "Register". This will allow you to customize the look and feel of the site somewhat, and give you access to other features, etc. Enjoy!


User login / New user

The fact that you have to tell people where to go to create a new user / login in itself poses a problem. It should be visible immediately (ie somewhere up the top).

I also wholely agree with the [insert news source] should be *optional* for any user account.

Also, when you fail to log in, the system should tell you that, and it should also tell you WHY it failed.

Re: User login / New user

Yes, I agree completely; I'll put a different (and more obvious) join link somewhere; or maybe I could just change the weight of the user block. How's that?

Site is crap

please add a comment to see how many people read this

j00 am teh sux0r!!

I could pull a better site out of a donkey :-p.

(let's not go into why I have a donkey, that's my own issue :-p)

(Disclaimer: blatent lie. It's all good/cool/etc. nice.)

I'm too lazy to come up with a clever sig.


Right, seems to have held up pretty alright. I'm off to bed.


Some people were getting 404ed on index.html, so I created an index.html redirect page. Sometimes it's good to watch the logs for a while afterwards. :)

thats fine and well, but how

thats fine and well, but how about putting index.php before index.html in the DirectoryIndex directive

going to, and getting a redirection page to index.php is pointless and stupid

also: the "Allowed HTML tags:" below shows nothing ...

also: you can't reply to your own comment, only edit it ...

also: it should automatically convert newlines in the comment to <br> .... i don't want to have to put a <br> at the end of each line i write

Re: stuff

As for index.html, I spoke to Cef about putting index.php first as soon as I put index.html in. I don't like the meta-redirect much, either. Alternatively, a 302 would probably suit better.

Allowed HTML tags is empty, I think that would require some intervention on my part.

I'll reply to my own comment to prove you wrong.

As for your last suggestion, sounds like an idea; I'll have to hack in a dropbox to select HTML or text. Some people prefer to break their lines manually (I do, sometimes).

Thanks for the constructive criticism.

also: i _really_ hate it stea

also: i _really_ hate it stealing the first line of text as a subject .. the subject is blank because i don't want one ...

also: why show "Homepage: " .. when the user has no homepage ... pointless ... and for that matter, could you show any LESS user info on the user info page ... its basically the username, and thats it .. sheesh ..

re: dropbox ?? just look at how livejournal does it ... v.simple and easy

re: unable to reply ... yes, i can now, but immediately after posting, i couldn't ... i'll try to duplicate now...


As regards the Subject, some people find it useful. Just have a space or something, until we develop do-what-I-mean technology.

Would you like some more user info? If you would, give me a rundown of what you want and I'll get to adding it.

Again, some people (bias: including myself), like manually breaking lines with <br>. I'll put in a dropbox, with the default set to newline-><br> translation.

Unable to reply - The issue looks like one of timeout, or maybe how many page views since? I'll UTSL when I get home.

> Entering HTML

> Again, some people (bias: including myself), like manually breaking lines with <br>. I'll put in a dropbox, with the default set to newline-><br> translation.

Great. Whilst I'm certainly competent with HTML, I don't want to have to put <br>'s in comments on a board. And then there's those that aren't used to HTML at all.

I was about to post this then I remembered I had to insert <br> tags. argh.

After re-editing (several times) I'll also add that I think the system should convert any display HTML (ie <br>) automatically to displayable characters, not HTML characters.

As regards the Subject, so

As regards the Subject, some people find it useful. Just have a space or something, until we develop do-what-I-mean technology.

i'm tempted to say, i doubt anyone would find it useful
i'm not just being obtuse either ... if someone wants a subject, they'll put one ... instinctively, they won't fashion the first line of their comment so as to make the subject make sense...

user info:

actually, i think the reverse ... there is so little info there, why bother ... what use is it in this situation ... be done with it completely, i say

unable to reply:

i'd be tempted to say that you don't get the "reply to this comment" link, if its your own comment, until someone else has replied to it ... and i'd guess that you responded to your own comment by manually editing a link.

am i right ?


User Info: There will be more info there in the future. This stuff isn't written yet, and will be a reflection of some things on the mailing list, etc. We're also looking at a way we can allow users to get email addresses of users out of the system without opening everyone up to spam.

Unable to Reply: Drupal has a posting limiter that is supposed to cut down people spamming the comments with the same thing. There is a delay between posts that is settable. This is set to one post every 15 seconds at the moment. However, you should still get the [ reply to this comment ] link at the bottom of each viewed post. I'll try it out in a second.

Unable to Reply: well, i

Unable to Reply:

well, i logged out over 6 hours ago, and have logged back in on a different computer, and i still do not get "reply to this comment" on comments of my own, that no-one has replied to yet ...

And i'm tempted to say even spammers would have trouble navigating this site, and would have much better things to do.

i still think this is massive overkill ... this will not compliment the mailing lists, which imho should be the primary focus of a luv website ... adding forums will detract from this. If the website maintainers needed a better way to modify content than shelling in and editing html, there are much simpler ways to do this.

Reply problems

I seem to have tracked it down, and it turns out that users with administrative privileges get a different tail on messages. I'll see what I can do.

I'm in favour of removing comments on almost all of the articles, and only possibly leaving it on the poll, where it makes more sense.

Comments on articles

Yea, I agree. I set almost every article to disallow comments; it's only articles like these (and polls) which actively seek comments that get comments allowed on them.

You ...

are wrong.

nope i still can't do it a

i still can't do it
as you can see here