LUV Programmers SIG October meeting

The next LUV Programmers SIG meeting is on this Tuesday at 7pm. The topic will be "Keeping tabs on PostgreSQL, your friends and your boss" by Andrew Clausen.

PostgreSQL is really easy to get running and maintain... once you know
how. I'll show you how to get going, and get into my setup I'm using
to keep track of everyone I know. There will be discussion about
conspiracy theories and world domination over pizza/steak/hamburgers.
(There's a flash pub over the road...)

On the database side of things, I'll introduce the bureaucratic side
of things, like setting up tables, data entry with Postgres' GUI,
pgaccess. Then, I'll move onto SQL queries and interfacing them with
shell scripts, mutt, LaTeX, etc.

If there's interest, I'll also talk a bit about the social/networking
of things too. Topics I'm interested in: personal experience with
trying to "network", trust metrics (including google's pagerank and
advogato's metric), topology of social networks, reputation, "cool",
branding and the effects of all of this on The Market. Also, I'd
like to quickly survey the group to find out "is the free software
community well connected?"

Everyone is welcome to the meeting, which is at:

7pm, Tuesday October 22


Level 8, Blackwood House

14-20 Blackwood Street, North Melbourne

Blackwood Street is the first on the left on Flemington Road, near the
Royal Melbourne Hospital.

We will be going for dinner afterwards at the Metropolitan Hotel at the
end of Blackwood Street.

More SIG information can be found at