LUV installfest 2002

Here is up to the minute (more or less) news and info about the installfest.

Date Saturday, 23rd of November 2003
Time 10am to 4pm
Location Strathcona Girls' School in Canterbury, claremont street. Melways Map 46, D12

As you drive around claremont street, and prospect hill road, look for the signs.

As of the 22nd of November, we have 79 people wanting to have Linux installs done.

We have corporate sponsorship of the event ,thanks to Merant, everyone who signs up gets their install CDs for free.

What you should bring along to the installfest

  • your computer,
  • power cables (ie the one from your computer to the power point),
  • your monitor (and its cables),
  • keyboard and mouse,
  • Extra bits of hardware like scanners, cameras, etc. We will do our best, allowing for time to set this up for you.

What you should NOT bring along to the installfest

  • network cables,
  • power boards

We have power boards supplied to us by Strathcona, so it's best if you don't confuse things by bringing your own boards along.

There will be a BBQ run by the wireless group on the day.
We Need The Following...
If someone has a 4-wheel trolley that we can use to transport computers about 30 metres from the car park to the staircase , below where the installfest will be held , that would be fantastic. Please email luv-installfest (at) . I think we need at least 2.

Training Sessions
I've managed to con Alec Clews from Merant , and and least one person (maybe more) from Computerbank to give beginners type talks to our installees at the installfest. We just need to decide on exactly what to talk about :)

We also have Richard Keech from RedHat to talk about 'Linux security 101', and 'RedHat tips and tricks'.

What's available on servers
From a recent post:

Currently I have the following on the box (all x86) configured for
installation over http/ftp/nfs:

  • Debian 3.0
  • RedHat 7,3 & 8.0
  • Mandrake 8.2 & 9.0

Gentoo LiveCD-1.4 and stage3 tar balls for Athlon,Tbird,XP and P1,2,3,4
2.6GB of sources covering just about everything (X, Mozilla, KDE, gcc,

I've also got rsync configured to serve the Gentoo portage tree.

also, day-old KDE CVS sources will be available (basically KDE 3.1rc4). Unfortunately the release schedule was bumped back, so there won't be any debs.

Networking information
Our internal network will be controlled by Andrew Griffiths. Here is his latest post on how things will be set up:

Hi all,

For the network at the installfest, this is the general plan
(though subject to change).

- We will be bridging the wired and wireless networks together.

- For the clients, we will be using DHCP.

- The network range at the moment is 172.16/23 (expanded
 format is netmask of, 
I suspect with a DHCP lease time of 2.5 hours this should be 
plenty), people needing static IP addresses are asked to 
email off-list, and I'll give you one for use on the day.

  - I noticed on the luv site that vendors and that where 
there before, did they want/need network access?

- Can I get general list of which server will be providing 
what, as we can make this easily known so people know where 
to look.

  - Do we have a server where people can upload isos and so 
on, for those bringing stuff for primarily swapping with a 
single person but maybe useful for more, (for example, the 

- How many switches are needed and who can bring them? I've 
already got two 8port 100/10 switches for the day, but there 
might need to be more.

Well, thats about it, I think

Andrew Griffiths

CD Burning
We have numbers for the following CD sets that need to be burnt :

  • 26 redhat
  • 8 debian
  • 3 gentoo
  • 6 Mandrake
  • 4 suse (we don't have to do anything about those)
  • 11 don't know (I've just decided , don't know = mandrake)

And we've got the following people to burn the following numbers of CD sets :

  • redhat Troy Dack(10) Allan Duncan(10)
  • debian Troy Dack(8)
  • gentoo Troy Dack(3)
  • Mandrake Troy Dack(4) andrew laird(5)
  • suse : I have access to SuSE 8.1 .


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