LUV Meeting - Tuesday 4th March - "MySQL"

Main Presentation:

"MySQL" by Arjen Lentz

Arjen Lentz works for MySQL AB, the company that owns and develops the
MySQL database software. He is responsible for the MySQL manual, as well
as training courses in Australia.

These will be the main topics of the talk:

  1. MySQL / MySQL AB overview:
    • The company
    • The software
    • Business model, Dual licensing (GPL/commercial)
    • Services
  2. Overview of current features, new in 4.x, roadmap:
    • Development strategy, Release naming
    • Table Types / Storage Engines
    • Transactions
    • Foreign keys, Referential Integrity
    • Subqueries (live demo, they're here and they're real ;-)
    • Stored Procedures and Triggers
    • Views
  3. Choices and Strategies for new applications and migrations:
    • Hardware and Operating Systems
    • Application Languages
    • Methods for importing data
  4. Design and Optimisation (the whole picture, not just queries)
    • Table design and optimisation
    • The magic of good joins
    • Query design and optimisation
    • Server Tuning
    • Hardware and Operating System

The above is a lot to cover in one hour, so I'll spend more time on
specific items depending on interest. I'm available for questions/etc
the rest of the evening.

It will be an interactive thing, not just a presentation!

Beginners Presentation

"Introduction to Unix filesystems" by Kim Oldfield

Kim Oldfield will cover the basic concepts of Unix filesystems and
commands including cd, ls, device files, directory trees, users, and

"What's new" by Mike MacCana

What's happened in the Linux world in the last month.


Tuesday 4 March 2003

7:00 pm - 7:30 pm pre-meeting refreshments

7:30 pm - 9:30 pm presentations


Telstra Auditorium

level 1, 242 Exhibition St, Melbourne on the corner of Lonsdale St.

** late access

The front entrance is locked at 7pm.

Entry between 7 and 8pm can be obtained by entering throught the door
located on Exhibition St between the Chemist and the Newsagents.

Access from the street is not available after 8pm.

Thank you to IBM who provide us with the venue.

Everyone is welcome to attend.

LUV will also have a selection of Linux merchandise on sale, including
Tux plush penguins, Tux keyrings and tie, Linux PC badges, three
flavours of penguin mints and /dev/mugs.

After the meeting everyone is welcome to join us for pizza a short walk away
at Cafe Tono.