Elections - Committee Nominations


The final nominations for the 2003 LUV committee elections are:

PresidentJason King, nominated by Stuart Young and Mike MacCana.

For the past year I've been the prez , and its been fun.

we've held one installfest, been to VTR's user group open day where we
gave out heaps of knoppix CDs, and held meetings every month as normal
for the whole year. And I'm ready to do it all over again :-).

It wouldn't have been possible without the assistance of the committee,
so I'd like to thank them here.

Andrew Chalmers, nominated by Charlie Schroeder and Rick Moen.

Position statement:

One of the things that the local Open-Source community does really well
is encourage user diversity, there are so many sources of knowledge and
opinion it can be overwhelming. I see LUV continuing to play a central
role supporting the entire range of LINUX users.
However, I think we need to share our information assets a little better
and in a central location...The LUV site seems an obvious choice.
I would like to kick off a commitment to knowledge content, eventually
we should view the LUV web site as a first class Linux information
We can do this by simply encouraging people to publish their solutions
on the site thus building up a solid, local "real world" Linux solution
knowledge base.

My Platform:

1) No merger with MLUG (Melbourne Linux Users Group).
Diversity in the Open-Source community has served us well, it aint broke...far from it!

2) Serious investment in flame retardation.
(IE start backing up warnings about the misuse of lists...as you know
this has been an issue recently so no more blind eye to abusive trolls)

3) Attempt to commit users to better content of the current LUV site.
(IE, get more relevant stuff - lets get people to rewrite some of the
ancient gotcha's & HOWTO's, and really beef up the FAQ section with some
of the gems from the lists!)

4) Perhaps a funding drive in order to get more storage space for above.

5) Encourage more install fests (perhaps a LAN party or two?)

6) Encourage more of the Senior users to watch the LUV beginners list
(better support early on helps everyone in the end)

Vice-PresidentNo nomination.
TreasurerJohn Mann, nominated by Jason King and Daniel Stone.
SecretaryKatherine Welch, nominated by Jason King and Mike MacCana.
Ordinary committee membersGeorge Hansper, nominated by Mirko Fluher and Jim Koutsovasilis.
Position statement:

I, George Hansper, would like to serve as an ordinary committee member for LUV. LUV is an organisation like no other. We are bound purely by the idea that Linux, and free software in general, enriches our lives. Having drank from the free software cup, we also like to put somethingback. We do this by sharing our experiences, and helping others who are having a problem with their software or systems.
I would like to "put something back" by being on the LUV Committee.
I have been LUV Secretary in the past, so I know that much goes on "behind the scenes" to make LUV run smoothly. If elected, I WILL make the time necessary to fulfill my duties as a committee member.

Stuart Young, nominated by Benjamin McGinnes and Jason King.

Position statement:

As an ordinary committee member for LUV, I plan to continue the work I've
helped to put in motion over the last year while serving on the current LUV
committee. This work includes the recording of meetings, and the continual
maintenance of the LUV Internet presence (web site and mailing lists). In
particular, I am trying to make the maintenance and ongoing use of these
facilities easier for people with a less technical background, enabling
more members to participate, while allowing more technical people the
ability to innovate. I also intend to advise the committee on its future
choices, primarily based on the knowledge, technical skill and information
that I have learned (and still continue to learn) from the LUV community
over my many years as a member.

Matthew Wallis, nominated by Stuart Young and Daniel Stone.

Tim Norman, nominated by Stuart Young and Jason King.

Daniel Stone, nominated by Jason King and Stuart Young.
Position statement:

During the last 13 months, I have served as an Ordinary Committee Member
for LUV - the position I am running for again. While I was an OCM, I
oversaw maintainance of the old website, and the (not uncontroversial)
transition to the new Drupal system. I am currently assisting with the
move to the new LUV server, including migrating services such as the
website and assisting with the list migration, and building packages for
the Debian system to assist us. I am also working to set in place
policies for future web usage, so we do not end up with a repeat of our
previous system - utter spaghetti.

While I have not had quite the amount of time I would like to dedicate
to LUV this year, this will improve as my school commitments finish up
in the latter half of the year, leaving me free to actively persue my
committments as a committee member.

Grant Diffey, nominated by Daniel Stone and Mike MacCana
Position statement:

I currently serve as the president of computerbank and have been involved
with linux in the community sector quite a bit. I use linux on my own laptop
and have a reasonable working knowledge of Debian GNU/Linux. I've installed
linux on a wide variety of hardware at this point my special interest being
linux on low end hardware I guess I'm also actively involved in melbourne
wireless you can view my node. I help people out with linux problems there as well.

Committee positions

The committee positions open for election (all positions) are:

Office-bearing positions:

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

Non-office-bearing positions:

  • Ordinary committee member (x4)

Candidates must nominate for a specific office-bearing position (President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer), or as an ordinary committee member. If a candidate running for a particular office is not elected to that office then they will be considered as a candidate for election as an ordinary committee member.


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