LUV programmers sig Meeting

Hi LUV programmers,

This coming month, and for the following two months, Rob Hagan of MyInternet has kindly voluntered to host the programmers-sig talks, to be entitled:

"The programming language Scheme as a vehicle for programming abstractions".

The talks will be broken up into three sessions, being split over the coming three months.

Location / Date
    Level 8, Blackwood House
    14-20 Blackwood Street, North Melbourne
    7pm, Tuesday 24th June

Blackwood Street is the first on the left off Flemington Road, near the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

We will be going for dinner afterwards at the Metropolitan Hotel at the end of Blackwood Street (or possibly La Porchetta, near the Vic Market).

More SIG information can be found at

Session details

Session 1 (24-Jun-03): Introduction to the programming language Scheme -
reading code fragments and potentially constructing same, and setting the
scene for using Scheme as a vehicle for gaining understanding of a number of
important programming abstractions.

Session 2: (22-Jul-03): Recursive programming and the four key tricks, plus
tail-recursion and you how can create tail recursive procedures.

Session 3: (26-Aug-03): Higher Order procedures, including three key
procedures: map, filter and accumulate. The rights and privileges of
first-class objects. 

Note that previous knowledge of Scheme (or Lisp) is not essential for any 
session, though sessions 2 & 3 will be demonstrating 'more advanced' code.