It's time to vote for a new committee

As in the last couple of years, voting for this year's committee elections is being conducted online, via the LUV web site.

Voting is now open for the various
(as of Wednesday, July 2nd 2003) and will run until 19:00 Monday, August 4th.

Voting is open only to LUV members, as indicated by membership of the luv-announce mailing list. Before voting, you will be asked to verify yourself by entering your e-mail address followed by a code that will be e-mailed to that address. You must use the e-mail address that is subscribed to the luv-announce mailing list.

A summary of the vote results will be presented at the AGM on Tuesday August 5 2003, and the assembled members asked to vote on accepting the results of the online voting. If the vote is carried, the results will stand, otherwise the results will be discarded and voting for each position will be done again at the AGM using a show-of-hands method.