August 2003 meeting

LUV Meeting


Tuesday 5 August 2003

7:30 pm - 9:30 pm presentations and AGM


Linux on PowerPC: A User's Perspective by Leigh Dyer
Have you ever looked at one of those shiny Apple Powerbooks and wondered
whether you could run your favourite OS on it? Well, the good news is
that Linux supports many PowerPC-based machines, including modern Macs,
and those Powerbooks and iBooks make great Linux machines. I'll be
discussing the pros and cons of running Linux on a PowerPC machine,
covering common pitfalls, and demonstrating some of the cool things that
you can only do with Linux on a Mac.


This brief, but riveting special presentation will feature a cast of the
outgoing committee. Headline items will include the announcement of the new
LUV committee (you have voted haven't you?)


Introduction to Gentoo by Troy Dack

An introduction to the Gentoo distribution and demonstration of the Gentoo LiveCD.


Telstra Auditorium

level 1, 242 Exhibition St, (on the corner of Lonsdale St.), Melbourne.

late access

The front entrance is locked at 7pm.

Entry between 7 and 8pm can be obtained by entering through the door
located on Exhibition St between the Chemist and the Newsagents.

Access from the street is not available after 8pm.

Thank you to IBM who provide us with the venue.

After the meeting everyone is welcome to join us at
Cafe on Bourke for dinner.

LUV will also have a selection of Linux merchandise
on sale, including Tux plush penguins, Tux keyrings and tie,
Linux PC badges, three flavours of penguin mints and