2nd September 2003, meeting, High Availability Clustering

LUV Meeting


Tuesday 2 September 2003

5:30 pm - 7:00 pm pre meeting meal see below

7:30 pm - 9:30 pm Presentations

9:30 pm onwards post meeting meal

Beginners Presentation

Instant Messaging - a brief overview by Grant Diffey

Grant will be covering the following:

  • IM networks. (including creating accounts)
  • GPL'd Multiprotocl clients
  • GPL'd Single protocol clients
  • Official Linux clients
  • Windows clients under wine (and why you might want to do this)

What's new in Linux

presented by Mike MacCana

What has happened in the Linux world in the last month.

Main Presentation

High-Availability Clustering on Red Hat Enterprise Linux
presented by Richard Keech

Red Hat Enterprise Linux includes a two-node failover cluster
capability. Out of the box the capability is provided for
NFS, Apache and Samba, and is supported for MySQL, Oracle and
others. This presentation will provide a live demonstration
of a complete small STONITH (shoot the other node in the head)
cluster configuration.

I'll also address the challenges of designing and building
a gaggle of clusters to a budget with the help of a local
system vendor (Ridge Technologies).


Telstra Auditorium

level 1, 242 Exhibition St, (on the corner of Lonsdale St.), Melbourne.

** late access

The front entrance is locked at 7pm.

Entry between 7 and 8pm can be obtained by entering through the door
located on Exhibition St between the Chemist and the Newsagents.

Access from the street is not available after 8pm.

LUV acknowledges the support of
IBM in providing the venue.


Opensourcerer has provided LUV with a voucher for 6 months free web hosting to be given away at the meeting.

LUV will also have a selection of Linux merchandise
on sale, including Linux Australia spotty Tux and debian t-shrits, Tux plush penguins, Tux keyrings,
Linux PC badges, three flavours of penguin mints and


After each meeting those who are interested eat dinner at

Cafe on Bourke

50 Bourke St

Some members have indicated that they would prefer earlier times so I'll
be booking a table at Cafe on Bourke from 5:30pm to 7:00pm. If you
are interested in meeting for dinner before the meeting please
email me so I know how
many to book for.

Update: A table has been booked for 5:30pm under the name of LUV. The booking is for 4 people - more people are welcome, but you'll have to ask for more chairs.

The latest version of this announcement can be found at http://www.luv.asn.au/node.php?id=68.