October 2003 LUV meeting - Postfix; Beowulf Cluster

Linux Users of Victoria Inc. Meeting


Tuesday 7 October 2003

Presentations: 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Social meal: 5:30pm to 6:30pm (before meeting),
or 9:15pm onwards (after meeting)

How I learnt to stop worrying and kill the spam

Presented by Keith Owens

Keith Owens will talk about safe virus, worm and spam protection with postfix.
He has reduced his virus, worm and spam load to almost zero. Without sending spurious bounces and with minimal network bandwidth.

What's new in Linux

presented by Mike MacCana
What has happened in the Linux world in the last month.

Building a Bigger Beowulf

Presented by Robin Humble

Robin Humble helped design and build the worlds fastest "home built" machine - currently at #38 (top500.org). Unlike most top clusters that spend a significant part of their budget on expensive proprietary networking, our "McKenzie" machine has kept true to the commodity spirit of Beowulf and uses gigabit ethernet throughout. We have developed a novel networking/routing scheme to connect the nodes into a
single machine. McKenzie has 536 2.4GHz P4 Xeon cpus (512 compute cpus), approx 268G of ram, and 39TB of disk. The talk will cover aspects of installation of a large cluster, the design of the novel networking scheme, fault tolerance, the trade offs involved in choosing a higher latency interconnect, and (if time allows) our latest mesh
routing scheme and our proposed 10 times larger machine.


Telstra Auditorium

level 1, 242 Exhibition St, (on the corner of Lonsdale St.), Melbourne.

** late access

The front entrance is locked at 7pm.

Entry between 7 and 8pm can be obtained by entering through the door
located on Exhibition St between the Chemist and the Newsagents.

Access from the street is not available after 8pm.

LUV gratefully acknowledges the support of
IBM in providing the venue.

Linux Merchandise

LUV will also have a selection of Linux merchandise on sale, including
Linux Australia spotty Tux and debian t-shirts, Tux plush penguins, Tux
keyrings, Linux PC badges, three flavours of penguin mints and /dev/mugs.


Before or after each meeting those who are interested are welcome to join other members eating at

Cafe on Bourke

50 Bourke St

Bookings have been made in the name of LUV.

The latest version of this announcement can be found at http://www.luv.asn.au/node.php?id=71.