On the 29th of November 2003, LUV will be holding an installfest at
Melbourne University (Northern Dining Hall, Union Building).

An installfest is an event where people new to Linux bring their
computers along to get Linux installed and configured by a group of
experienced Linux users. See The installfest page for
more details about the installfest.

Joining us will be the Melbourne Wireless group, who also want to do
Linux installs, and test their wireless networking gear. See for more information on the Melbourne Wireless group.

We do however need people to help organise the installfest. If you wish
to help with the organisation of this event, please sign up to the
luv-installfest mailing list by sending a mail to
with "subscribe luv-installfest your@email.address" as the message
body. If you just want to help people install their systems, you do not
need to join this list (unless you wish to help out in other ways).

To make this event a successful one, LUV needs as many people as
possible helping out. As well as general installation volunteers, we
need people to handle the following duties:


  • We need flyers to be created and made available for posting on
    public notice boards, handing to friends and the like. The news media
    also needs to be notified to aid in publicity (Newspapers, Radio
    Stations, perhaps TV, etc).


  • Network cables, file/distro mirrors, network switches, extension
    cords, power boards, etc.

Organising Installers

  • Making sure that there are enough installers for the distros we want
    to support (or that people want to install)
  • Organising training sessions if deemed necessary

Organising Installees

  • Liasing with installees.
  • Making sure that hardware owned by installees is supported by linux
    (If it's not , they shouldn't waste time bringing it along)


  • Ensuring that enough CDs of each distro are created for installees.

Please email if you wish to assume any of
these duties.

There will be other things that need arranging, namely entry fees,
obtaining blank CDs, These will need to be done closer to the day.

The LUV Committee