LUV Beginners May Meeting: Apache Cassandra Workshop

May 21 2016 12:30
May 21 2016 16:30

Infoxchange, 33 Elizabeth St. Richmond

This hands-on workshop will provide participants with an introduction to the Cassandra distributed "NoSQL" database management system, including deployment, keyspace and table manipulation, replication, creating multiple datacenters and creating users.

Participants will:

  • Install a Cassandra server
  • Create a keyspace
  • Create a table and insert data
  • Replicate data across a three-node cluster
  • Replicate data across a two-datacenter cluster
  • Set up Cassandra and JMX authentication

LUV Main May 2016 Meeting: UNUM Computing / Monitoring with "mon" and Jabber

May 3 2016 18:30
May 3 2016 20:30

6th Floor, 200 Victoria St. Carlton VIC 3053



  • Lev Lafayette, UNUM Computing
  • Russell Coker, How to monitor systems with "mon" and Jabber

LUV Beginners April Meeting: Let's play games on Linux

Apr 16 2016 12:30
Apr 16 2016 16:30

Infoxchange, 33 Elizabeth St. Richmond

Following on from his November 2013 presentation "An introduction to computer games: Why are they important to us all?" Andrew Pam will demonstrate some games and assist members to choose and install games on their own computers. If there is interest, he may also discuss user-created content and game development on Linux.

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