Some final notes

Other documentation

Most software packages come with extensive documentation apart from the man (or info) pages.

This might be README files, installation notes, general FAQs, sample configuration files or extensive HTML documentation.

Have a look in /usr/doc/.

WWW interfaces

There are a number of tools that can convert man (man2html) and info (info2www) pages to web pages, which can then be viewed via Lynx or some other web browser.

Debian, for example, has the dhelp package, which, to quote the package description, will:

Read all documentation with a WWW browser. dhelp builds a index of all installed HTML documentation. You don't need a WWW server to read the documentation. dhelp offers a very fast search in the HTML documents.

The Linux Journal

The Linux Journal is a monthly magazine devoted to Linux. The articles are usually of a very high quality, with articles for both beginners and gurus alike.

Online help

If you can not find the information you need, then ask someone! There are:

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