The Linux Documentation Project

Linux Documentation Project (or LDP for short was created by Matt Welsh as a distribution point for Linux documentatation.

The LDP is involved in six main areas of documentation:

  1. Linux man pages

  2. Linux FAQs

  3. Linux HOWTOs

  4. LDP guides

  5. The Linux Gazette - a monthly online magazine

  6. Linux links - links to a wide range of Linux-related sites

The Linux FAQ

There is a large Linux FAQ (answering Frequently Asked Questions) that covers such areas as:

1. Introduction and General Information

2. Network sources and resources

3. Compatibility with other operating systems

4. Linux's handling of filesystems, disks and drives

5. Porting, compiling and obtaining programs

6. Solutions to common miscellaneous problems

7. How do I do this or find out that ... ?

8. Frequently encountered error messages

9. The X Window System

10. Questions applicable to very out-of-date software

11. How to get further assistance

The Linux FAQ is an excellent point to start looking for answers about Linux and pointers to other sources of information.


The Linux HOWTOs explain how to use (or configure) a particular aspect of Linux. There are HOWTOs covering a wide range of topics, such as installing Linux, networking, printing, using the serial port, Samba, NFS, and creating boot disks.

The HOWTOs are usually very detailed documents that cover most (if not all) the information you need to get started with a particular area of Linux. While the HOWTOs are not FAQs, there is often a FAQ section in the HOWTO.

There are also mini-HOWTOs that typically cover a small subject, or a subject that has limited appeal.

Here is a sample HOWTO that explains how to write CD-ROMs with Linux.

The HOWTOs come in a number of formats, including HTML, text and Postscript, and can be found at the LDP web-site. They are also often included with distributions. For example, there are Redhat and Debian packages for the HOWTOs that put the HOWTOs in /usr/doc/HOWTO.

LDP guides

The LDP has produced a number of high quality guides covering key areas of Linux, including:

These guides usually come in a number of formats, including HTML, for browsing on-line, and Postscript or PDF, for printing. Some companies have published bound versions of the LDP guides as well.

Note: Some of these guides are works in progress!

Local LDP mirrors

The Linux Documentation Project is mirrored locally at:

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