A brief talk about HTTPD

Versions of HTTPD

There are a large number of WWW Servers. Almost all platforms can now run a WWW Server. Windows, Windows NT, Macintosh, Nearly all Unix, Windows 95 etc.

I have tested the Macintosh, Windows, Windows NT and Unix versions. In every case the Unix version is much faster, even on slower computers. A 486 with 8 MB of memory is plenty to run a WWW Server. Memory is far more important for cache servers.

Here are a few HTTP or WWW Servers to look at.

Statistical Packages

You need to know who uses what, when and why!


About the favorite for usage statisics. It is fairly simple, compiles on nearly all platforms and works quite well. You must specify a single log file.

Have a look at Marty Gleesons PWebStats. It is a perl web statistics package, very easy to use and VERY easy to modify. GIF are writen from a program called fly (on the fly GIF files for PERL).

Melb Uni Statitics

More on Yahoo!

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Modified: 1/8/95
Created: 28/7/95