IPv6 - References, Mailing Lists

NOTE: Most (if not all) of the IPv6 documents are still in draft status. A standard paragraph at the start of each document says :-

Internet Drafts are draft documents valid for a maximum of six months. Internet Drafts may be updated, replaced, or obsoleted by other documents at any time. It is not appropriate to use Internet Drafts as reference material or to cite them other than as a "working draft" or "work in progress".

A local source of RFC's and Internet Drafts is ftp://munnari.oz.au in directories /rfc and /internet-drafts. munnari also contains IETF information and the archive of the IPv6imp mailing list.


Take these RFCs with a pinch of salt. Some of the Internet Drafts modify or supersede the RFCs.

RFC 2147            TCP and UDP over IPv6 Jumbograms            May 1997
RFC 2133            IPv6 Socket Interface Extensions          April 1997
RFC 2080                     RIPng for IPv6                 January 1997
RFC 2073       IPv6 Provider-Based Unicast Address Format   January 1997
RFC 2023                 IP Version 6 over PPP              October 1996
RFC 1981              Path MTU Discovery for IPv6            August 1996
RFC 1972       Transmission of IPv6 Packets Over Ethernet    August 1996
RFC 1971       IPv6 Stateless Address Autoconfiguration      August 1996
RFC 1970       Neighbor Discovery for IP Version 6 (IPv6)    August 1996
RFC 1933               IPv6 Transition Mechanisms             April 1996
RFC 1924       A Compact Representation of IPv6 Addresses   1 April 1996
RFC 1897            IPv6 Testing Address Allocation         January 1996
RFC 1887      IPv6 Unicast Address Allocation Architecture December 1995
RFC 1886                  IPv6 DNS Extensions              December 1995
RFC 1885                 ICMPv6 (ICMP for IPv6)            December 1995
RFC 1884              IPv6 Addressing Architecture         December 1995
RFC 1883                   IPv6 Specification              December 1995
RFC 1881           IPv6 Address Allocation Management      December 1995
RFC 1809        Using the Flow Label Field in IPv6             June 1995
RFC 1719                  A Direction for IPng             December 1994
RFC 1705     Six Virtual Inches to the Left: IPng Problems  October 1994

Internet Drafts

The set of Internet drafts is huge, IPng alone has approximately 200 drafts. Some are slides, some are obsolete proposals. My current working set is :-

Mailing Lists

In no particular order :-


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