Alternative Linux Sound Drivers

The following drivers have been developed apart from Voxware, OSS or Linux sound driver projects: Some of the links may be obsolete.

Ultrasound Project

Jaroslav Kysela (a.k.a Perex)

Advanced Linux Sound Architecture

Jaroslav Kysela

Primary goals:

  1. Create a fully modularized sound driver which supports kerneld and kmod.
  2. Create the ALSA Kernel API which surpasses the current OSS API.
  3. Maintain compatibility with most OSS/Lite binaries.
  4. Create the ALSA Library (C, C++), which simplifies ALSA application development.
  5. Create the ALSA Manager, an interactive configuration program for the driver.

Planned driver architecture:

Sponsored by SuSE.

Turtle Beach Multisound Driver

by Markus Mummert

MPU-401 driver

by Kim Burgaard (needs 100% compatibility)

PC-speaker driver

originally by Michael Beck.

Allows to send a wave form to a PC-speaker, and control volume.
Sound driver for linux 2.0. Stand alone. No longer maintained.

A new effort - pc speaker support as a part of Linux sound driver.
The code is based on Michael Beck's driver.
David Woodhouse - patch for 2.2.8

Sound Blaster AWE-32 driver

by Takashi Iwai:
Low-level driver for OSS.
Supports wave tables for AWE-32, AWE-64, SB32.
Does not support DSP and OPL features - you need to use a standard SB driver for that.
Does not support Wave Guide synthesis for SB AWE 64, due to lack of documentation.
Now is a part of OSS/Linux and Linux sound driver

Sound Blaster Live driver

Support 2-speaker mode with Sound Blaster Live.
Available from Creative site:
A new driver has been released recently as a part of ALSA project.

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