Applications using sound driver.

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This list includes the software, that directly accesses the driver, rather than providing a front end to other programs.

Wave players

SoX: Sound eXchange
SoX is a sound file format converter for Unix. It also does sample rate conversion and some sound effects.

WavPlay - by Warren Gay
Plays WIndows 3.1 '.wav' files. I had to patch my copy order to support Windows 95, by I guess a new release has this fix..


aumix - by Trevor Johnston
A text bases audio mixer which can be used interactively (ncurses) or from a command line

Smix - another audio mixer

Midi players

playmidi - by Nathan Laredo
Playmidi is a midi player. Supports mid and kar (karaoke) formats. Displays text and lyrics. Output to FM, GUS, external midi. A patch from Takashi Iwai to support AWE wave tables. Is planed to emulate MIDI via /dev/dsp for the cards that don's support FM or wave tables. Available in plain text / ncurses, svgalib and X formats.

TiMidity - by Tuukka Toivonen
TiMidity is a MIDI to WAVE converter (MIDI renderer) that uses Gravis Ultrasound compatible patch files to generate digital audio data from General MIDI files. The audio data can be played through an audio device or stored on disk. On a fast machine, music can be played in real time. Don't need it and therefore didn't try.

MOD players and trackers

Modules stores tune and samples in same file. An excellent format for those who want to compose cool music. The most popular (but no all) module formats:

MOD - Amiga Pro-Tracker, Fast Tracker (extended to 6 and 8 channels)
STM S3M - Screen Tracker (Sami Tamilehto "PSI", 1991-1993)
XM - Fast Tracker II (Triton, 1996)
IT - Impulse Tracker (Pulse)

SoundTracker - by Michael Krause
A mod composer inspired by 'FastTracker'. Maintaines 'Amiga Pro-Tracker' MOD and 'Fast Tracker II' XM format. Uses GTK+. My Pentium 166MMX appears to be not fast enough for some XM files, while Fast Tracker II is not upset with those on 486. Well...

mikmod - originally by Jean-Paul Mikkers, major contributoes Jake Stine, Peter Amstutz
A cross-platform mod player for Linux, SUN/Solaris and other unices. MOD format supported: MOD, MTM, M15, XM, S3M, STM, ULT, UNI, IT. Has a library libmikmod to be used in applications. Currently the most popular mod player

xmp - by Claudio Matsuoka & Hipolito Hararo Jr
XMP is a module player. Designed to play Fasttracker II Extended Modules (XM). Currently also supports Amiga MOD files, Scream Tracker 3 S3M files. Doesn't play IT though, Has an excellent sound, but more CPU expensive than mikmod. As an advantage to mikmod, xmp also supports wave-table synthesis for GUS and AWE (AWE part was all right with linux 2.0, but stopped working on linux 2.2 - blame Allan for that). Now come with a nice X interface

MPEG audio players.

mpg123 - by Michael Hipp & Philipp Knirsch
An MPEG audio player for Unix. It supports MPEG 1.0/2.0 layers 1, 2 and 3 and it has been tested on a wide variety of platforms, including Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, i SunOS, Solaris, IRIX, HP-UX and others. Doesn't work on my machine though.

amp - by Tomislav Uzelac
Often referred as xamp, because it comes with a libQT-based front end. However the X version crashes on my machine.
A good mpeg player. Can be configured to play in real time.

FreeAmp - another MP3 player with a nice graphic interface (Motif ? GTK?)


XAnim - by Marc Rodpilec
Supports various animation formats, incuding FLI and AVI. Some modules are avilable in precompiled format only, because of copyright problems

MpegTV - by Tristan Xavier
Real-time software MPEG Player with audio support for platforms where OSS is available, it supports Linux, Solaris, SCO, BSD/OS and FreeBSD! With the MpegTV Player, your computer becomes a real multimedia system

mpeg2player - a MPEG video player written by Nathan Laredo
Capable of playing DVD discs, but DVD project is still on the move, and have serious troubles with encrypted discs.
Can't give the exact reference. He has a page on webjump (try .


XMMS - X Multimedia Sound System by Peter Alm, Thomas Nilsson, Olle Hallnas, et al
The project is now sponsored by 4front technologies and is intended to be a real sound monster (it already is).
Supports mp3, CD audio, various mod formats, audio broadcasting, plug-ins, spectrum analyser, oscilloscope...
Needs GTK+, MESA/OpenGL recommended. Compiles longer than linux kernel and ... doesn't work on my machine

SADP - a CD player with extras by Michael Glickman
Plays Audio CDs, has a built in mixer, features spectrum analyser and oscillator (uses OSS driver to read wave signal), keeps local data base and provides access to remote data bases over the web. Special fesatures for SCSI CDs.
Needs libncurses (text version) or XForms (GUI). The Internet support currently is provided by X version only, but I am going to put it into a text version by the end of the year. New exciting featiures are still to come!

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