Structure of Sound Driver

Linux 2.0.x:



Linux 2.2.x: modular sound driver

Sound card Driver
Sound Blaster: all ISA cards * sb.o
ESS 1868+ * sb.o
Gravis Ultrasound (all cards) gus.o
Generic OPL-2/OPL-3 opl3.o
OPTI * mad16.o
Pro Audio Spectrum * pas.o
SoftOSS (allows using GUS patches with other cards, requires Pentium 133+) softoss2.o
Ensoniq and Sound Blaster PCI cards (excluding Live) ** es1370.o es1371.o
SB AWE (low level driver) *** sb_awe.o

* Needs opl3.o to support MIDI sequencer
** Do not support MIDI sequencer
*** Support wave table (sound fonts) only. Requires sb.o for DSP support and opl3.o for MIDI sequencer.

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